Dr. Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters – St. Louis

Dr. Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters

St. Louis, Missouri

29 November 2012 (R•112613 – Clear Example Pic) (R•112813 – Trade Card) (R•092018)

Apple-Touch-IconAAn interesting Dr. Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters square (pictured on far left above) is on eBay now. The word ‘unlisted’ caught my attention and refers to the base embossing. A portion of the write-up on eBay is as follows:

Dr. Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters St. Louis Mo. Orange/Amber (see eBay listing)

[eBay: dendirtyd, Platte City, Missouri] This is a nice orange amber attic type condition bottle embossed Dr.Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters St. Louis, Mo. This bottle is unlisted I believe in the Ring & Ham Bitters bottle book, even in the supplement. They have no listing for the M.G. Co. on the base. This bottle is as crude and whittled as they get. The best one I have ever seen. Just a faint rinseable content stain and a pin point open bubble on the beveled edge. Excellent condition on this one and never in the ground. No chips,cracks or dings. The bid is for the one bottle only.

eBay Pictures

I have a pretty decent example of a Dr. Rattinger’s so the eBay post prompted me to try to look into the Doc a litter further. What a name huh? “Children, it’s time to go see Dr. Rattinger. He will make you feel better.” When I was in the first or second grade, we had a school nurse named Miss Pusey and our school Principal was named Mr. Fuchs. As a kid, I can remember us little torkers really having a field day with that. And I thought being named Ferdinand was tough as a kid! So here we have Dr. Rattinger, Actually a strong German name.

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

f // f // f //
R. Rattinger, M.D. 321 N. Fourth Street, St. Louis
9 1/8 x 2 3/4 (6 3/4)
Square, LTC, Applied mouth, Amber – Scarce; Clear – Extremely rare
Trade Mark No. 205, dated 1860, Also manufacturers of Rattinger’s Fever Drops.

There is actually a R 12 example that is slightly smaller and base embossed L.G. CO.

f // f // f // b // L.G. CO.
8 5/8 x 2 5/8 (6 5/8)
Square, Amber, LTC, Scarce

Rainer Rattinger was born in Bavaria, Germany about 1832 and was listed as a patent medicines manufacturer in St. Louis. His address is noted as being in the rear of 3211 S. 5th, in St. Louis at one time. He apparamtly lived in his shop as his residence address is listed as the same. Graduated Class of 1864 St. Louis Medical College. Dr. Rattinger was also an assistant Surgeon with the Union 40th Regiment Infantry Volunteers. He enlisted in 1865. There is also a listing for a Dr. Rattinger’s Bitters and Rattinger’s Medical Company in Sappington, Missouri. Rainer Rattinger’s wife was named Matilda. He had three daughters and one son. Dr. Rattinger died on January 17, 1897.


Front and back – Dr. Rattinger’s Herb and Root Bitters trade card – Joe Gourd Collection

Dr. Rattinger Gallery

Orange amber DR. RATTINGER’S HERB & ROOT BITTERS – Meyer Collection

292. “DR RATTINGER’S / HERB & ROOT BITTERS / ST. LOUIS MO.”, (Ring/Ham, R-11), Missouri, ca. 1885 – 1895, clear glass, 9 1/8”h, smooth base, 85% original label in part reads: ‘Dr. Rattinger’s Herb & Root Bitters, Prepared by R. Rattinger, M.D., Sole Proprietor, 2029 Sidney St. St. Louis, Mo.’ The bottle is perfect. A very rare bottle in colorless glass, especially with a label. Larry Umbreit Collection. – Glass Works Auctions – Auction #124


Clear DR. RATTINGER’S HERB & ROOT BITTERS – Faulkenberry Collection


Detail of clear DR. RATTINGER’S HERB & ROOT BITTERS – ebay November 2013

R. Rattinger Oath of Loyalty, June 26, 1866. Look at the five cent revenue stamp. Pretty cool.

Listing for Dr. Rattingers Bitters

Missouri Civil War Pensions, 40th Infantry Regiment, Field & Staff, Rattinger, Rainer, Rank: Asst. Surgeon, Date: May 23, 1892

Dr. Rattinger’s Family Medicines advertisement. – Cairo Daily Bulletin, August 11, 1871

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