Capt. John B. Morris Occupational Shaving Mug

Occupational Shaving Mug for Ship Capt. John B Morris made by C A Smith Barber Supplies – Philadelphia


I did get an interesting barber related piece this month. We were in Florida on vacation and I got a phone call from a friend of mine who said he heard a nice occupational shaving mug turned up at a local junk store. I found out the guy who bought it was someone I knew. I called him and asked about it. He said he didn’t know anything about it other than it had the man’s name on it and a picture of a boat. He wasn’t sure if it was a reproduction or an old one. I told him I would like to see it when I got back in town. He said fine. I got back in town and met him. He pulled it out of a paper sack and showed it to me. I couldn’t believe it. He asked if it was a good one and if it was something I would be interested in. I said yes it is good and yes I am interested in it. We negotiated on a price. Now I have it in my mug rack.

Jack (Hewitt)

FOHBC Southern Region Director

PRG Question: I wonder is this John B. Morris is a descendant of the pirate John Morris?

Charles A. Smith was in the Barber’s Supplies business in Philadelphia from 1893 until at least 1910. His business was at the corner of Jefferson and Randolph. In 1895 Smith added a second location at 901 Filbert, but it only lasted a year. Starting around the turn of the century, his business was at 1219 Germantown Avenue. [Hair Raising Stories]

The mug rack came from a barber shop near Balston Spa, in New York State. I bought it at an Antique shop in that area along with the New York State Barbers license (see below) that was issued in 1903.

New York State Barbers license that was issued in 1903.

Base of Occupational Shaving Mug – C A Smith Barber Supplies – Philadelphia

Left: Occupational Shaving Mug for Ship Capt. John B Morris – C A Smith Barber Supplies – Philadelphia

Right: Occupational Shaving Mug for Ship Capt. John B Morris
 – C A Smith Barber Supplies – Philadelphia

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