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Peaches on CrateThis site is presented and hosted by Ferdinand and Elizabeth Meyer. We hope to share our passion for collecting and dealing in Early American Antique Bottles and Glass. Please contact us for any information and or bottle and glass news for post consideration. I am also looking for guest authors as I shift to the Virtual Museum project. Thanks!

Oregon Bottle Collectors Association (OBCA) Show and Sale

Amidst the frequent winter storms that have plagued the West Coast, the Oregon Bottle Collectors Association held its show and sale on February 17th and 18th in the town of Aurora, about 20 miles south of Portland. As fate would have it, opening day was greeted with a virtually cloudless sky that everyone knew was but a short respite from the storms that have drenched the Webfoot State. The show was small but well attended, and held in the Aurora American Legion Hall. It generally attracts collectors from Oregon and Washington.

March | April 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed!

The March | April 2017 issue of the 72-page, full color, BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed early to FOHBC members. Features: The Beginnings of the Antique Bottle Collectors’ Association (ABCA) – George Wagoner, Sanford Petts of Boston and the “Spirits of ’76″ Jack Sullivan, Edward Roome – Tobacconist – Eric McGuire, California Favorite: The George Wissemann Company – Steve Abbott, A Variety of New England Flasks – Mark Vuono and so much more… INFO >> Bottle and Extras

Manville Show Big and As Crowded As Ever

Last Feb. 5, Linda and I traveled for the 21st annual New JerseyAntique Bottle Club’s Antique Bottle Show and Sale, held again this year at the Manville VFW hall. The site is just about right for the 100 tables that show always has. Bob Strickhart took over the duties as show chairman four years ago when the show was about to be canceled by the club. Lack of volunteers and members was a huge issue. So Bob decided to take it on alone if need be to save the show. He has more than saved it, it has grown.

A labeled Gordon’s Dry Gin, Gordon’s Pale Orange Bitters and a Tanqueray Fine Gin bottle

I really like to see complete packages when it comes to antique bottles. This means a great looking original label attached to old glass with character. In this case, we will look at a labeled Gordon’s Dry Gin, Gordon’s Pale Orange Bitters and a Tanqueray Fine Gin bottle. All were bottled in New York and are London, England products.

Glass Works Auctions proudly presents The ‘Winter Blues’ Auction #114

Glass Works Auctions proudly presents The ‘Winter Blues’ Catalog Auction #114 Closes February 20th, 2017 @ 10pm. Over 300 lots in this auction! Click here to view the auction, register and bid!

American Bottle Auctions – Auction 63 is Now Open for Bidding!

Part One is Underway. The first of our two-part Madruga/O’Neill western auction is open for viewing and bidding starts today! Part one is open for bidding up until Sunday February 19th and part two will start on March 1 and end on March 19th. We’ve extended the bidding period for both parts of the auction so that everyone will have enough time to check it out. If you have any questions please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them or simply email us and request extra photos or even a video and we can get them to you right away. Requested catalogs are being printed and will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to check the auction out. We truly have the best customers in the world! Visit Auction

North American Glass Winter Auction

Dear Collector: Our Winter Auction opens for on-line bidding on Monday, Jan 30th at 6 pm EST. This sale will comprise 534 lots in 14 categories, with something of interest for everyone. With bottles, jars, flasks, stoneware, tins, Terre Haute items and more. And featuring Part II from the collection of the late Mike Jordan of Ocala, Florida. With many more selections from a large collection of tobacco, cigar, and snuff jars. A full preview of the entire auction is currently available at the link below. The closing date is Thursday February 9th with our normal sequential closing and 10-minute rule. For any questions about lots, please contact us using the “Ask Seller A Question” link on each item page. – Greg Spurgeon NORTH AMERICAN GLASS

Little Rhody 2017 Bit Hit even with the Weather

I was able to make the trip to Taunton, Massachusetts on January 8th for the Little Rhody Bottle Show even though there was almost a blizzard the day before. I had been watching the weather all day Saturday and the East coast was getting pounded by high winds and heavy snows in the Cape Cod region. I knew this would mean trouble for the people who were planning on attending the Little Rhody 46th annual show.

X-Rare Backwards ‘N’ Peruvian Bark Bitters

I came across your article, “Could this be the same Dr. M. Perl from New Orleans?” while trying to find info on my Dr. M. Perl bitters which I acquired in New Orleans about 20 years ago. Mine is similar to the one in the referenced article, center image with indented panels. Mine is clear (light aqua) and the interesting thing about my bottle is that the “N” in PERUVIAN is backwards/reversed. The few references I have found do not show a backwards “N”. Is this anomaly unusual or rare?

Muncie, a fruit jar collectors dream come true

Braving unpredictable weather each year is a dedicated group of Fruit Jar collectors and Jelly Jammers in early January. Collectors from all over the country arrive early at the host hotel to kick off four days of room hopping. This year, those arriving early faced dangerous road conditions while late arrivals where met with single digit temperatures. Once in the hotel, the weather was no factor in all fun and hundreds if not thousands of fruit jars greeted those hardy collectors. Shades of amber Globes, Lightnings, and 1858’s among all the quality aqua fruit jars made for interesting browsing.

January | February 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed yesterday to members!

The January – February 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS will be mailed to mailed to members on Tuesday, 13 December 2016. We wanted to get it out before the Christmas and New Years holidays. 72 pages, plus covers in full color including historical information, member news, Shards of Wisdom, History’s Corner, book reports, show news, bottle stories, member photo gallery and so much more. Articles included in this issue include Visit with Charles Gardner – Highlight of Collector’s Life Bill Baab 14 Mrs. Bush’s Specific Cure for Burns and Scalds: Did this cure actually work? Bill Baab 16 John Wedderburn Peddled False Hopes and Whiskey Jack Sillivan 20 The Color Amber – Not Brown – A “chocolate” Brown’s Celebrated Indian Herb Bitters Ferdinand Meyer V 24 Springfield Bound Jim Bender 32 A Silver Lining in that Storm? – Brown’s Aromatic Bitters Jack Klotz…. Remember to renew in a timely fashion and get a friend to Become a member of the FOHBC

Bethlehem Bottle Show Was Packed

bethlehem-show-2016-020I was able to attend the Forks of the Delaware Bottle Collectors Association’s 43rd annual show on November 27th. Visit on Facebook. The Bethlehem show, as most people call it, is a great place to meet friends from the North, South and Midwest. It never shocks me at how many people attend this show. This year’s show seemed to be really packed. When I arrived, I had to park out in front of the school because the parking lot was packed full. This was the first time I have ever had to do this. When I walked in I could not believe the crowd. It was so good to see so many people out supporting the show and hobby.


Capital Region Antique Bottle and Insulator Club Show – This Show Goes On Despite The Weather

albany-show-2016-005sqThe Albany Bottle Club (Capital Region Antique Bottle and Insulator Club) held its 20th annual show and sale last November 20th despite the bad weather that hit the area. Once again the show was held at the Polish Community Center on Washington Ave. Extension, a really nice place to have a show.


Battle of Springfield Bottle Competition News

SpringfieldBottleBattleThe “Battle of Springfield” Bottle Competition will be held Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. The event will occur in the Mahogany Room on the 2nd Floor of the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place hotel. Bottle registration will be at 6:00 pm in the same room.


Springfield National Room Hopping Announced!

Room Hopping SpringfieldFor those who would like an old fashioned treat, this coming year at the 2017 Springfield National, we are bringing back a rendition of an old favorite. We’re going to have some old fashioned “Room Hopping” at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place hotel just like we did before cell phones and late night auctions.


Long Island Antique Bottle Association Show Report

displaysqWell, we are off to a much better start. As some may recall, our first show in a decade, set for January 24th, was snowed out, as the day before we received nearly three feet of the white stuff. Alas, a close call with Hurricane Matthew which blew by the week before kept us on edge for a while. We had about as perfect a day as one could want for a return to the show circuit. Near record high temperatures in the area and abundant sunshine. Pretty good for October 23d if you ask me.


Springfield Armory Reception – New Event added to the 2017 Springfield National

8b5edbbc-155d-451f-6764e368a651ee00-largeThe FOHBC is working with the Events Coordinator at the Springfield Armory Museum and the Campus Events Coordinator at the adjacent Springfield Technical Community College. Both are in historic buildings on the National Historic Site (National Park Service) grounds and hold events. The FOHBC and Springfield Co-Chairs will be holding an afternoon reception on the 7th floor, “Top of the City” conference room at the Education Center which has large windows that overlook the historic grounds.


First Waco, Texas Antique Bottle Show

waco16artnlFederation board member Brad Seigler (Southern Region Director) reports that Jay Kasper was successful in holding the 1st Waco, Texas Antique Bottle Show this past weekend. Brad said that this was the first year of the Waco show and that Jay and his wife really put fourth the effort to make it run smoothly. The turn out was good for show day, and sales were brisk amongst walk-ins and the dealers. Before the show had even opened there w…


The Oldest Club in The Country Holds It’s Fall Show

scriba-2016-016sqThe Empire State Bottle Collectors Association held its fall show and sale on Sunday, 18 October 2016. This is the 17th year for the Scriba, New York location. Barry Haynes heads up the show and does a great job – always filling the show room. There were 60 tables at the show with 95% being bottles along with a few very interesting displays.


Mt Vernon Glassworks Project

rich-mark-and-brianheaderHi Ferdinand, Mark Yates and I were excavating behind the factory site of the Mt. Vernon glassworks with Brian Wolff for several years prior to his death. Brian’s dream was to excavate the actual factory site. Brian’s longtime friend, turns out, had recently inherited a house, its yard being the factory site. Last October we got permission to excavate on the factory mound in the backyard and Brian was able to be with me on the first day there. Mark and I continued until December 31st when the frost did us in.


Stage Actress Beauties – Looking at some Damiana Bitters Advertising Trade Cards

maudheaderFerd, Here are the images you requested. Glad to help out. I thought that we had used a number of them previously but I could not find them in any of your posts. All of these ladies were stage stars in the late 19th century. They lent their celebrity to the promotion of these bitters much as celebrities are doing today. Each are worthy of separate posts in their own right. I have done some research and have limited biographies on each of them. I look forward to reading your Damiana Bitters post. Regards, Joe”


Early Damiana Bitters or is something wrong here?

baja-damiana-bitters-clippedthinGary Beatty snagged this interesting Baja California Damiana Bitters with a label (pictured above) and wonders if it is a variant of the more common Damiana Bitters most of us are familiar with (pictured below). He also wonders about the authenticity of the label. His email to me is represented below.


Yankee Bottle Club 49th Show Still Great After All These Years

keene-weekend-2016-048This past week end I was lucky enough to travel to the Yankee Bottle Club’s 49th annual show and sale in Keene, New Hampshire. The Keene Show, as most collectors and dealers call it, has been one of my favorites for years. This year was no different and it was well worth the trip.


Finger Lakes Bottle Collectors Association Holds 47th Show

dryden-bottle-show-015sqThe Finger Lakes Bottle Collectors Association (FLBCA) was organized in April 1969. It is a non profit organization composed of individuals and families who share a common interest in bottles, fruit jars, glass, stoneware, related items, advertising, and other antiques and collectibles.


Nevada Backbar Letter

nevadabackbarspreadGood Afternoon Ferdinand. Please place this letter on your Peachridge site as it concerns Nevada backbars. If you need to call me. Thanks for having a great site that we all can enjoy – Dennis Eastley **This letter is in response to the “Unicorns and Rainbows” opinion that certain bottles mentioned in an article entitled “Nevada Backbar Bottle Bonanza” (FOHBC magazine “Bottles and Extras, September-October 2016 edition, page 33) are not genuine, legitimate Nevada bottles. I include my personal research on a select handful.


Unicorns and Rainbows


Historical research was somewhat elusive for most until the advent of the internet. Research generally required hours of travel to State Archives or libraries, which held vaults full of often miscategorized paperwork, and then more countless hours literally digging through file drawers of this and that, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, much like trying to connect random dots. Read at Western Whiskey Gazette

Barrel Series – Out of the Ashes, the Wolford Z – Whiskey

I guess my biggest question here would be why Jacob A. Wolford would put a “Z” on his figural barrel whiskey bottle? Does it mean Zebra, Zorba, Zion, Zipper or something else? Who knows? Mr. Wolford was born in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1846 and was married to a woman named Mary who was three years older. Maybe her maiden name started with a “Z”? They lived in Chicago, Illinois as Wolford came to Chicago from Buffalo, New York in 1869.


The Hull Brothers barrel from Detroit, Michigan

hull-brother-aerialHere is a new barrel post for the extremely rare Hull Bros. from Detroit, Michigan. In fact, this is the only example I have ever seen. The amber bottle was offered in the recent Glass Works Auctions Session 1 from the great Bob Ferraro Collection. Bob is known as Mayor Ferraro and the “Barrel King”. Many times I would come across an obscure barrel only to find that Bob would have an example. Like I said, the Barrel King.


The James A. Clark barrel from Louisville

clarkbarrel_ferrarocropI have put out many barrel posts before but I missed the Clark barrel from Louisville, Kentucky. You see, there are only two examples, the last coming from the recent Glass Works Auctions Session 1 of the Bab Ferraro Collection. Bob is known as Mayor Ferraro and the “Barrel King”.


Two New York Clubs learn about the FOHBC

logotrioI recently was invited to speak at two of New York’s great antique bottle clubs. Barry Haynes of the Empire State Bottle Collectors Association and Tom Kanalley of the Finger Lakes Bottle Collectors Association asked me to join them and speak about the history of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC).


42nd Richfield (Ohio) Show Was a Great Time for All

richfield_ribbonsquareI am a firm believer in practicing what we preach. You have heard me say repeatedly that we should support the younger people of our hobby whenever we can. Two years ago, the Richfield show was taken over by Louis Fifer (FOHBC Conventions Director) and Matt Lacy (FOHBC Midwest Director). The show had not been held due to a lack of a show chairman. Louis’ father, John, had also run the show for a few years. When there was a chance of it not being held again, Louis and Matt stepped up…


The Great English Tonic Rothery’s Appetizer and Stomach Bitters

RotheryShard2A couple of weeks ago I received a phone message from Adam Koch up in Ohio who said that a shard of an unlisted color for a bitters was found back east. The name on the shard was “The Great English Tonic Rothery’s Appetizer and Stomach Bitters”. Pretty amazing that the shard contained the full name. Doesn’t usually happen that way. I talked with Adam and he was going to get a picture and send me. A few days passed and then I received an email from Jim Bender in New York saying “I thought you may like to see this bottle Jim Healy dug last week. It is listed as Extremely Rare in amber. As you can see this one was yellow.”

Koopmann’s Bitters dug in Savannah

Koopmans4Ferdinand…. Here it is the KOOPMANN’S BITTERS that I dug in Savannah, Georgia. I regret to say that this bottle will not win any beauty awards. The bottle is deep aqua, 8-1/4 inches tall 3 inches by 1-3/4 inches wide. It has a single applied tapered top. The bottom is a smooth base hinged mold. It is embossed on the sides only as you can see in my photos. This bottle was dug in a Confederate Civil War age dump in downtown Savannah. What a killer dump it was. Dug it with a lot of other fine bitters, sodas, medicines, stoneware and other pontil bottles. I can’t find it listed in any of the bottle books or in our bottle world. Later…. Robert Biro [From Bill Ham: Listed in BB supplement 2 with drawing, K 73.5, great find]


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