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Peaches on CrateThis site is presented and hosted by Ferdinand and Elizabeth Meyer. We hope to share our passion for collecting and dealing in Early American Antique Bottles and Glass. Please contact us for any information and or bottle and glass news for post consideration. I am also looking for guest authors as I shift to the Virtual Museum project. Thanks!

2017 Central Texas Antique Bottle Show Report – Waco, Texas

The 2nd Annual Central Texas Antique Bottle Show was a success. The public made a good showing. Quite a few interesting pieces came in off the street, and some long missing faces from the scene showed back up. The photo (first photo) with me in it is of two very prominent diggers from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. George Retos and Robert Stone. All in all it was a very pleasant weekend. I did find out a bit of inside info that really perked my ears. There is a specific Dallas bottle I have been after for many many years. I found out it is in Mr. Dick Watson’s collection. It is not overtly valuable, but to me it is just about priceless.I have to try to make contact to his family.

Panama Bitters – Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific

Recently I watched a neat documentary on the Panama Canal on Netflix (Panama Canal: Prized Possession). A few days later I found a bitters advertisement for Panama Bitters and liked the momentary connection. To start off, I lead with the art card above labeled, “Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific, The Kiss of the Oceans, 1915“. Pretty sensual.

Dr. Jaffe’s Celebrated Cinchona Bitters Trademark Letter

I came across this 1880 Dr. Jaffe’s Celebrated Cinchona Bitters advertisement above while searching for support material for another post. The brand was advertised, using pretty much the same small advertisement up until 1883 in Sacramento, California. A quick search led me to this letter from Wm. Price & Co. from the California Secretary of State’s Office, “Old Series Trademark No. 0234. Just so cool. William Price and Co. were the sole manufacturers and proprietors. They filed for the Cinchona Bitters trademark in Sacramento, California on 12 September 1872. I am not aware of any bottles.

American Bottle Auctions Auction 64 is Now Open for Viewing!

Auction 64 is Now Open for Viewing! Bidding ends on the 22nd of October. We have a great auction in store, bidding begins on Friday and viewing is available today. Please take a moment and check it out. If you are a bottle collector or have an interest in old glass or relics, we have some interesting items available in our auction 64. Thank you for checking us out! Click HERE to view the auction catalog.

Dr. Van Dyke’s Holland Bitters and the Headless Man

My friend Gary Beatty forwarded the above picture and email below of possibly an unlisted variant of a Dr. Van Dyke’s Holland Bitters bottle from St. Louis, Missouri. I am not familiar with this superb example though I am familiar with other Van Dyke bottles. I guess the bigger question here might be, “why is that guy on their logo without a head?”

Jim Bender on A.M. Bininger Bottles: ‘Day Dreams’ Ready for Collectors

During a dig in Savannah, Georgia more than 40 years ago, a collector unearthed a strange-looking bottle. It was in the shape of an old time cannon. Once he scraped off the mud, he read the embossing: A.M. BININGER & CO. / 19 BROAD ST / N.Y. Nearly 12-1/2 inches in height, the bottle was the first of its kind to be dug in Georgia, as far as that state’s longtime collectors know. READ MORE

A Haven’s Tonic Bitters I recently picked up from an Arkansas collector

Ferd, here is the HAVEN’S TONIC BITTERS I recently picked up from an Arkansas collector. He purchased it at a flea market 25 years ago. He listed it as Stoddard Glass? I don’t think so? I believe either Lancaster or Lockport? But in the end who knows. I chose those two glass house possibilities because of the color. It of course is green. It is 9 inches tall by 3 ¼ inches across the base which has a open pontil. As you can see the label is original. It is reported that Norm Heckler sold one in the same shape and open pontil but in amber in the 1990s.

The Coca-Cola Trail”, People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola

NEWS RELEASE: Did you know? Coca-Cola once sold the rights to bottle Coca-Cola throughout the United States for $1. Coca-Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi, not Atlanta. There are just two of the interesting stories revealed in a newly published book, “The Coca-Cola Trail”, People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola.” Thirty chapters and over 200 pages tell the real stories of those pioneer bottlers; the challenges they faced, and how they were instrumental in creating the world’s most recognized brand. READ MORE

Saratoga Bottle Collectors Society Members

Attached you will find the Fall issue of The Spouter (number 103) Read Issue. I hope you can all open the attachment. If not, contact me and I will try again or just mail you a hard copy. I try to email as many as possible in order to keep costs down. If you find something I have printed is in error, let me know. If you have discovered a rare bottle or a newly discovered mold of an existing bottle, let me know. I am always looking for articles, old advertisements, photos, stereo views, old articles from other sources, basically anything to do with “Saratogas” that might be of interest to the rest of the club. READ MORE

Downieville Bottle Show – End of an Era

On Admissions Day, September 9, 2017, the State of California celebrated its anniversary of joining the United States of America as its 31st state some 167 years ago. At the time of admission in 1850, California was known, first and foremost, for it incredible wealth in the form of gold. Many towns were instantly born during the gold rush, including Downieville, now a sleepy mountain village tucked away in a steep forested canyon on a branch of the Yuba River.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Bottle Show

The Old Guys Digging Club’s First Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Bottle, Advertisement & Collectibles Show & Sale on Saturday, August 26, 2017 was a huge success. The number of sold dealer tables was 137. The weather was great all weekend with no rain in the forecast. More than sixty percent of the dealers participated in the dealer setup from noon to 4 pm on Friday, August 25th. The dealer setup closed at 4:00 pm which afforded a rare chance for many of the dealers to go out to eat at a normal dinner time with each other after the setup.

September | October 2017 issue of Bottles and Extras mails today!

Featured within: Ernest Kellerstrass – The Distiller Who Loved Chickens by Jack Sullivan, A Dig Story: 25 Holes in 49 Days by Jack Klotz, Remembering Bob Ferraro – From Black & White to Color by Ferdinand Meyer V, Chlorine For Your Teeth by Eric McGuire, Cheers to the Privy! by Jeff Mihalik and Northeastern Favorites by Jeff Ullman. Regular departments such as Shards of Wisdom, History’s Corner, Lost & Found, Member Photo Gallery, FOHBC News, From and For Our Members, Classified Ads, Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings etc. Become a member – Subscribe

The donated bottle display that I spoke of at the national show

Hi Ferdinand: These photo’s are of the permanent display that I assembled for the East Hartford Public Library with the help of many collectors on Facebook. The document was partially written and signed by William Pitkin in 1763. It represents Connecticut glass so as to encourage interest in history and our hobby.


2018 Cleveland National Contracts and Info Packet Now Online!

The Midwest Region of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) extends a cordial invitation to join us for the 2018 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. This is the first time the FOHBC has brought the National Expo back to the shores of Lake Erie since the 1992 Toledo Expo, successfully chaired by Adam Koch. We are excited to share all Cleveland has to offer as a central meeting ground, as 60% of the US population lives within 600 miles of this energetic, picturesque city. Cleveland’s rich history from country settlement to thriving port town to industrial metropolis is displayed among the beautiful architecture and vivid culture found all over the city.

Buyers Uncork Pent-Up Enthusiasm As Bottles Take Over Springfield

Hi Jim, Here is the article that ran this week. READ Thanks for all your help with this and pass on my thanks to Bob Strickhart also, esp. for the tour of the show floor. I really enjoyed covering the convention. You have our permission if you want to post this pdf online or e-share it with your audience. A weblink might be easier to share tho so if you want to grab it, the article will likely go live on our website later today or tomorrow morning. If you go to our home page at and click it, you can grab the individual URL for the article.- Andrea

2017 Springfield National Souvenir Program

Advance look at the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo Souvenir Program. We thank our many advertisers and look forward to a fantastic, fun-filled antique bottle and glass mega event. Read Program

Dr. Maton’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters

I decided to pull the trigger on the damaged Dr. Maton’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters on eBay as it is just so darn rare and I have only seen one other example. It is pictured above. Not in pristine shape and described as “Here’s a rare 1870s bitters bottle from Lancaster, Pa….unfortunately, it was broken at some point in the past and glued back together. However, the bottle actually displays pretty decent from a couple sides so I thought someone might want it.”

The back story to Saving the Fizz

How an interest that started almost 50 years ago manifested into a book on patent bottle closures. My name is David Jones, a name that has always brought some comment as it is also the name of a famous 180-year-old department store in Sydney, Australia, where I also live. No, I am not related and I cannot give you a discount. In Australia as elsewhere in the world 180 years ago, men, and a few women too, were wrestling with a better way to retain the effervescence of bottled mineral waters and carbonated and fermented beverages – something that would represent an improvement on the old wedged cork then used.

The National Bottle Museum would like your help..

All Bottle Clubs please read: Dear Mr. Meyer, In its slightly more than 30-year existence, the National Bottle Museum, located in Ballston Spa, NY, has accumulated nearly 3000 bottles and containers, ranging in age from Black Glass Dutch Squats from the early 1700’s to a commemorative Pyroglazed milk bottle done in 2005 for the National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors….READ MORE National Bottle Museum

Two incredibly tall G. N. Morison Wholesale Druggist Ads

I’ve written about George Noble Morison of New Orleans before, specifically his extremely rare G. N. Morison’s Invigorating Bitters. Here are two really interesting vertical advertisements from Morison who was a wholesale druggist in the 1850s and 1860s. If you click and enlarge the ads, there are some fascinating items that he advertises as being in stock. His warehouse must have really been something. Here is what specifically caught my eye…

Dr. Herrick’s Standard Family Medicine

Within this post is reference to two early bitters from 1846 and 1847 that seem to be unlisted. The Strengthening Bitters and Vegetable Tonic Bitters (probably the same bitters with flexible names) are from a Dr. Herrick who is probably Dr. Lewis R. Herrick of Albany, New York. Dr. Herrick was born in Malden, New York on March 10, 1816 and was a noted physician of his day. Dr. Herrick, a patent medicine man, acquired considerable fame, and a large fortune in that business. His Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills and Dr. Herrick’s Kid Strengthening Plasters had a world-wide reputation, at least according to advertising and write-ups on the man. He called himself “The great Healer of Mankind!”

So-Long to Downieville – One last Hurrah

The Downieville Bottle Show was started in the early 1990’s as the Mother Lode Bottle Show by Bill Ham and Warren Friedrich with help from Richard Siri and the late Jess Jones. If you were one of the early attendees or show dealers you remember the 1997 Western Whiskey Extravaganza that featured the top western whiskies and seminar by the late guru of western whiskies John Thomas. The 1998 show featured a display of the most desirable Slug Plate and Picture Whiskies displayed by collectors from all over the west. Read: September 9, 2017 The Last Downieville Bottle Show

Now Two Tally-Ho Bitters

The phrase tally-ho is a largely a British phrase, which originated from the activity of foxhunting, and other forms of hunting with hounds, shouted when a rider or follower sees the fox. Today the term has evolved to have other meanings, most of which relate to ‘pointing out’ or ‘spotting’ a ‘target’. For example, it is sometimes used as slang in air traffic control to verify a radar contact has been visually confirmed.

We lose a Great Leader in our Hobby – Gene Bradberry

Just hearing from Tom Phillips that long-time FOHBC member, past president and Hall of Famer Gene Bradberry passed away this morning. Tom will get us more information on the funeral and services. Gene joined the FOHBC in 1969 and quickly became active behind the scenes. He served as 2nd vice chairman (1971-72), chairman (1972-74), President (as chairmen became) (1988-94), Membership Director (1994-2000), Expo 2004 show chairman, 1st vice president (2004-06), Membership Director (2006-10), President (2010-2012) and Director at Large (2012-Present). He also found time to serve his Memphis Bottle Collectors Club and…

Digging Historical Flasks

Crazy recent digging finds. We have a three person tri-state digging crew, since we have one person from Ohio, one from West Virginia, and I’m here in Pennsylvania. We have been hitting it hard the last year or so, with many cool and historic finds. Recently, we have dug some pretty great bottles and thought it may make a nice additional to the Lost & Found column. In about a 30-day period (31 to be exact), we dug a Rough and Ready Zachary Taylor quart flask, then followed that up with a colored pint Louisville double eagle, then a couple weeks ago we dug a quart green scroll flask… all in excellent condition! I can’t believe that the quart flasks were not damaged, as all these flasks were at the bottom of 8 to 10 footers. I’ll make sure to follow up soon with some bottle digging articles! – Jeff Mihalik  SUBSCRIBE

Mississippi Valley Bitters or Yazoo Valley Bitters?

I found this bright yellow, 1867 St. Louis City Directory advertisement above listing a Mississippi Valley Bitters, Fish Bitters, Hostetter’s Bitters and Drake’s Bitters. I certainly know about the last three listings. The Mississippi Valley Bitters is new to me. Could it be related to the Yazoo Valley Bitters that was made in Vicksburg, Mississippi by Fulton M. McRae?

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – To Hotel Keepers, Restaurants, Druggists, Grocers and the Public

A simple post here for an 1859 bitters advertisement I found the other day in The Ottawa Free Trader. Dr. Brunon’s Bitters would cure just about anything out there. The bitters sold for 50 cents per bottle, $5 per dozen, $2.50 per gallon and you could get extra Bitters for bar-rooms, by the gallon or barrel at the low price of $1.25 per gallon. I wonder how they shipped the barrels?

July August 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed on Monday

You will find inside, Hidden Church Treasures, or So Near Yet So Far, For This Collector, History’s Messages are in the Bottles, Is there elegance and mystique in a milk glass soda bottle from Massachusetts?, Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club’s 50th Anniversary Commemoratives, A Serendipitous Dig, Pale Orange Bitters and P. J. Murray’s Ghost, Paine’s Celery Compound – Makes People Well and departments such as Shards of Wisdom, History’s Corner, Lost & Found, Member Photo Gallery, FOHBC News, From and For Our Members, Show Calendar Listings and so much more. CLICK For membership & subscription info.

Barnett & Lion’s Southern Grey Jacket Stomach Bitters

Dale Mlasko recently posted pictures of a whittled and mint, red amber, Barnett & Lion’s (sometimes spelled incorrectly as Lyon) “Grey Jacket Bitters” bottle from a collection that was boxed up and unknown for decades. This labeled (not embossed) Southern stomach bitters, from New Orleans, was first produced in 1865. The bottle has a really cool embossed confederate soldier, hence you would assume, the name. The label probably had a color illustration of Johnny Reb. The bottle is extremely rare with probably only a handful secreted away in Southern collections. This bottle is very desirable and has so much going for it.

Northwestern Bottle Collectors Association Show & Sale

The Santa Rosa Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium was the site of the Northwestern Bottle Collector’s Association annual show and sale on May 6 & 7, in Santa Rosa, California. After a number of years of a slump in club membership and show attendance a noticeable resurgence in both has been lately experienced, and this year’s show was no exception to this renewed interest. It was one of the best shows in recent memory.

Mansfield holds its 39th Annual Show

This past Saturday, Linda and I made our yearly trip to the Ohio Bottle Clubs 39th annual Mansfield show. The Ohio Bottle Club is a great group of people headed by Alan DeMasion, acting president. Alan is also heading up the FOHBC Virtual Museum imaging and fundraising efforts. You should see his 3-D spinners that he is working on. I am told some examples will be available at the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. Stop by and check them out. Alan will have a Virtual Museum filming set-up in the display area.

Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club has a Great Two Days

I am running a bit behind with my show reports because the past three weeks has been filled with bottle activities. I have been to the Rochester bottle show, the Mohawk Valley Bottle Clubs show and just returned from the Mansfield show. I set up at all three shows and also went to Norm Hecklers barn sale in between. So, I am playing catch up at this point!

Greeley’s Bourbon Bitters being Raffled at the Springfield National

Through a generous donation from a friend on the west coast, the National Bottle Museum now has a wonderful Greeley’s Bourbon Whiskey Bitters in aqua to raffle at the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. Info —>>> More Info

Left Coast Lines Presents: The 2017 Rohde Ranch BBQ & Tailgater

Hello fellow hobbyists and welcome collectors of all ages and interests. Here is the latest chapter in the insulator collecting hobby phenomenon called The Rohde Ranch BBQ and Tailgater. This year’s event, hosted by Bill and Kat, was held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at the Rohde Ranch, just east of the San Joaquin River near Fresno, California.

48th Rochester Show and Sale was Great

This past weekend, April 30th, I was able to make my yearly trip to Rochester for their 48th annual show and sale. Aaron and Pam Weber once again served as the show chairs. They do a great job with this show and always have a packed show room. They will be the first to tell you they don’t do it alone. The club is run by a great board which includes John DeVolder (president), Chris Davis (vice president),..

Mobile Bottle Collector’s Club 43rd Annual Show Report

The Mobile Bottle Collector’s Club 43rd Annual Show was on the 25th of March, 2017 in Daphne, Alabama, and my friends and I were in attendance. This year was a fun year because we came armed with Barq’s Hutch sodas from Biloxi and Gulfport and had a few rarities to sell from New Orleans as well. Jason Case and Rick Soldini joined my expedition into one of the best shows in the South. Jason had his Gulfport Barq’s Hutch sodas to sell, I had my double Biloxi Barq’s and some New Orleans relics to sell, and Rick had a 1915 Bay St. Louis hobble-skirt Coke to sell.

Ferd Meyer Memorial Received Well at Baltimore Bottle Show – Ferdinand Meyer V Interview

Was interviewed any Scott Collier at Dundalk TV. Gave me an opportunity to talk about my dad and how he was one of the first in the Balto Bottle Club. Got me started in this great hobby too. Enjoy. WATCH

Stage Actress Beauties – Looking at some Damiana Bitters Advertising Trade Cards

maudheaderFerd, Here are the images you requested. Glad to help out. I thought that we had used a number of them previously but I could not find them in any of your posts. All of these ladies were stage stars in the late 19th century. They lent their celebrity to the promotion of these bitters much as celebrities are doing today. Each are worthy of separate posts in their own right. I have done some research and have limited biographies on each of them. I look forward to reading your Damiana Bitters post. Regards, Joe”


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