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Peaches on CrateThis site is presented and hosted by Ferdinand and Elizabeth Meyer. We hope to share our passion for collecting and dealing in Early American Antique Bottles and Glass. Please contact us for any information and or bottle and glass news for post consideration. I am also looking for guest authors as I shift to the Virtual Museum project. Thanks!



TeaKettle Ink Price and Reference Guide

TeaKettle Ink Price_Coversmall“I have already pre-sold 20 copies to the UK and France collectors, 10 copies to Australia and New Zealand collectors and 8 to the United States collectors before any real advertising. It appears there will be a demand for more than 50 copies so I am now going to limit it to 100 copies.” – Joe


2016 Houston Bottle Show fun as usual!

Star Bottling ColeSmall

The Houston Bottle Show is usually a tough one for me because it is usually a week or two before the Federation National Show (FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo) where a lot of my attention has been focused. This year was no different but I must say, it was well worth setting up and visiting with the Texas and southwest bottle crowd. I even picked up a few pieces that will work their way into my house which is under major renovation from the Houston floods this past April and May.



Tuscaloosa Antique Bottle, Pottery and Advertising Show a huge success!

Tuscaloosa16_20sqThanks go out to EVERYONE who helped make our first Tuscaloosa Antique Bottle, Pottery and Advertising Show a huge success!! While Tuscaloosa is famous for the University of Alabama, we may have a new tradition building there. Bill Johnson and Bob McGraw are proud to report some very special results, and credit for that goes to many.


Shupp’s Grove was a Hot One

shupps_groveThis past weekend, Linda and I attended the 16th Annual Shupp’s Grove Bottle Fest in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. We attend this show every year and I have to say it is one of my favorite shows of the year. I like the outdoors setting and the fact that you can roam around until dark visiting with people. This year it was hot, I mean very hot. It hit the 90’s in the shade at times. I believe it slowed some people down this year. Mornings were busy but as the sun got overhead the crowds thinned out for sure.


Mohawk Valley Bottle Collectors Club supports the National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors

NAMBC_LogoOn July 11th, at the monthly meeting of the Mohawk Valley Bottle Collectors Club, they had a presentation on unusual milk bottles presented by Peter Bleiberg. Along with that presentation they drew five names from club members present for a one-year membership to the National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors (NAMBC). This includes twelve issues of The Milk Route, a newsletter published each month. Peter is the editor of the newsletter and does a great job with it.


49er Bottle Jamboree Auction Now Online!

JamboreeAuctionCoverFOHBCSACRAMENTO, Calif. – Rare Western bottles will take center stage at the annual auction of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC), scheduled for Saturday, August 6th, at the Lion’s Gate Hotel in Sacramento. The event will be part of ‘49er Bottle Jamboree and will coincide with the FOHBC Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo, slated for August 4-7 at the same venue. “This year we’re doing something different by presenting a wide variety of bottles and related pieces that help define Western collecting,” said Fred Holabird, president of Holabird Western Americana, based in Reno, Nevada, the firm conducting the auction. “We solicited bottles that are an iconic representation of the genre from different areas – and in the West, that isn’t easy.” In all, 193 lots will come up for bid, the vast majority of them from the Western United States. These will include 60 whiskeys (featuring the two expected top lots in the sale), 50 sodas (to include many rarities), 45 medicines (featuring rare colored examples and some fantastic Owl bottles), five bitters and ten miscellaneous bottles (to include a cobalt blue grenade and inks).

Heckler Auction 138 Online!

Heckler138ArtA Select Absentee Auction Including: Early Glass, Bottles, Flasks, Whiskeys, Bitters, Inkwells, Black Glass, Pressed Glass, Medicines and More is now available for viewing on our website. Bidding will begin on Monday, July 18, 2016 at 9 AM Eastern. To view the auction, please visit Auction 138

ABCR Auction 25 Online

ABCR25ArtABCR Auction 25 Online. 961 Lots with something to suit all collectors. Hi, Ferdinand, The Auction 25 catalogue is now ready to view and bidding begins next Wednesday (13th July). In this auction we have a particularly diverse offering with quality items in nearly all bottle collecting fields. Also some intriguing and varied collectables including signs, ephemera and assorted others. The most important detail! Online bidding begins: Wednesday 13th July 2016, 8 pm (Melbourne Time). Click here to view the catalogue.

Sacramento Shootout Judges Announced

SacShoot-OutArt_Alt2Ferdinand – Here is the list of judges for the Sacramento Shootout: Hostettler’s — Frank Ritz, Lou Lambert, Ferdinand Meyer V • U.S.A. Hosp. Dept. — Dale Mlasko, Dennis Eastley, Sheldon Baugh • Jesse Moore 5th — Fred Kille, Ralph Hollibaugh, Andrew Koutsoukos, I’ll be the moderator. – Richard Siri – Sacramento Co-Chair MORE INFO

Lost California Bear found in North Carolina

WalkingBearDuoMarty Vollmer, the South Carolina show chairman, called me and said a friend found an ad on Craigslist for a bottle with a bear on it. I asked if it was clear and he informed me that it was amber. I got on-line and the ad read; “Antique Bottle $3000.00.” There were several pictures that were not very good but I recognized it as the Wm. H. Spears & Co. Old Pioneer Whiskey.


Last call for Consignments for the Sacramento National 49er Bottle Jamboree Auction

JamboreeBannerNewFrom Fred Holabird: Hi thanks for the calls and all the help over time getting the word out on the FOHBC auction. I forgot to mention something important and need your help. I would greatly like to add some bottles from western states that help define bottle collecting in the West. Here’s what I’d like to see: Some western bottles that help define the state: Arizone: something like one of the Rattlesnake oil bottles. And a bottle marked “A.T.” or mining camps – Bisbee, etc. I will put in my own tombstone soda. Colorado: bottles from the mining camps that aren’t dirt common. I have a good selection from New Mexico now. Looking for Montana and Oregon pieces! We probably have California covered, unless I can find a Manzanita Cure, which would be great. Nevada – as I mentioned, I’ll pull from my collection. Washington – I’ll call a major collector I know. I need stuff within a week or so, if at all possible. MORE INFO

July August 2016 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed to FOHBC members

JulyAugust16_Sac_WhiskianaCoverThe July August 2016 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS mailed this past Thursday FOHBC members. Packed full with great articles such as Betty Zumwalt: She Was There, at the 1976 St. Louis Expo, Ulrich Alting – Hawaii’s First Soda Water Bottler, Optimistic Cynicism, Monterey – An Enigma Bottle – Update, One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, McDonald & Levy’s Compound Extract of Manzanita and Sacramento Whiskiana SUBSCRIBE

Saratoga Show a Little Wet, but Big Fun

NBM_Saratoga2016_013This spring, some of the shows in the northeast have had some inclement weather to deal with. The Empire Club had a freak snow (Read: Takes More Than Snow to Hold Down The Empire State Bottle Collectors Association) storm the morning of the show and the Saratoga show had some heavy rain. Nevertheless, the people of the northeast always put together a fun time and great shows. As the saying says, “Come hell or high water, the show must go on.” The show moved back to the county fairgrounds last year where it all started years ago.


Displayers Announced for the Convention

Display_MiniaturesKen & Reine Salter • 17th-19th Century American & European Black Glass, Mike & Kathie Craig • Warners Safe Bottles & Posters, Richard & Beverley Siri • Hostetter’s Bitters, Scott Yeargain & Pat Jenkens • California Bottles, Tom & Susan Lines • Schafer & Vater Whiskey Nips, Greg Wilson • Cod/Glob Stoppered Worldwide Bottles, Rick & Deloras Siri • California Small Town Whiskies, Russell & Kitty Umbraco • Lewis 66 Whiskey – Utah Liquor Co., Michael & Karen Peart • Benica Glass – Natures Tiffany, Bob Hirsch • Apothecary Cabinet & Misc. Bottles, Ron & Gary Barnes • Owl Drug Co., Jeannett Barnes • Miniatures, Colin & May Jung • California Glass Insulator Co., Signals etc., Dan & Max Bell • Gold Rush Artifacts, Richard & Lauri Olson • Jamaica Ginger / Extract Ginger, Henry & Cecilia Guillen • U.S.A. Hospital Dept. Bottles, Richard Dana & Jim Monahan • Canning Jars • Arnie Lowenstein • EC & M San Francisco Glass Insulators, Andrew Koutsoukos • Pioneer West Coast Digging: A Pictorial Display, Warren Friedrich • California Grown Glass from P.G.W and S.F.G.W, Michael Mackintosh • Early American Glass & Seals
Please VOTE for your favorite display! “Best in Show” and “Most Educational” awards will be given. Announcement of the winners will occur on Sunday, August 7th between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm on the showroom floor.

Round 2 – We always wanted a Lake House

FrontYardSorry about the lack of posts. I believe some of you may be aware of the 500 year flash flood event (Bessie’s Creek flooded and we had 17+ inches in one day) we had on Elizabeths birthday on 18 April 2016. We are presently in the midst of a major house renovation and restoration. Kind of… Well, it happened again this past Friday, my birthday! This time the Brazos river breached. Another 500 year event according to NOAA. Living upstairs. Water came from opposite direction this time. Much worse than the first event. Fortunately no more birthdays in the forecast but 5 more days of rain coming. Hunkered down on the 2nd story with 8 dogs and 5 cats. Nat Guard and Sheriff have been here a number of times offering boat rescues as we are stranded. We are staying. We are looking at this like a big life adventure. We are still operational but working out of the house. Fortunately we have power and internet at the house. No water, appliances, sinks, showers, toilets, running water etc. A bit taxing. The past three mornings and evenings we swim from the house to the front gate. Actually I wade in chest deep water and the dogs swim in geese V formation. When we reach the elevated road it is still under about 6″ of running water. We walk north and get to a stretch of higher ground and see horses, goats, llamas, cows… all being rescued. Unreal scenes. Snakes galore too. The dogs are real glad (as us) to see higher ground if you know what I mean.
Five more days of serious rain coming. Stay tuned. We look at this like a big adventure. What else can we do.

FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo | Souvenir Program. ** Program filling up.

SacramentoProgramTOP70Reserve your ad space now. 1,500 distributed and posted on PRG and FOHBC sites. Contact Tons of exposure. Thanks for your support! Advertisers so far…. Steve Abbott, Theo Adams, Antique Bottle Club of San Diego, Sheldon Baugh, Gary Beatty, Max Bell, Jim Bender, Bottle Tree Antique Farm, Mike Bryant, Joan Cabaniss (Poison Bottles), Circle City Indianapolis Bottle Club, Collectibles Insurance, Crocker Stoneware Auctions, Downieville Antique Bottle Club, Don Dwyer, Dennis Eastley, Bob Ferraro, Ralph Finch, Findlay Bottle Show, FMG Design, FOHBC Virtual Museum, Jerry Forbes, Warren Friedrich, Sandor Fuss, Jim Hagenbuch (Glass Works Auctions), Bill Ham (Bitters Bottles Books), Charles David Head (Koca Nola), Norman Heckler (Heckler Auctions), Mike Henness, Jack Hewitt, Butch & Anita Holcombe (American Digger), Fred Holabird (Holabird Western Americana Auctions), Tom Jacobs, John Joiner, Kansas Antique Bottle Show, Steve Ketcham, Doug Leybourne (Red Book #11), Steven Libbey, Tom Lines, Keith Lunt, Eric McGuire, Terry McMurray, Michael Mackintosh, Dale Mlasko, Morphy’s Auctions, National Assoc. of Milk Bottle Collectors, Northwestern Bottle Collectors of Santa Rosa, John O’Neil, John Pastor (American Glass Gallery), Peachridge Glass, Mike Polak, John Ronald, Dale Santos, Michael Seeliger, Richard Siri, Brandon Smith, Phillip Smith, Greg Spurgeon (North American Glass), Bill Taylor, Richard Tucker, Russell Umbraco, Vintage Gal Antiques, Tod von Mechow, Jeff Wichmann (American Bottle Auctions), Witherall Auctions – Old West Show, Herb Yue, Zang Wood, 49er Bottle Club, 2017 Springfield National, 2018 Cleveland National, FOHBC…

A silver lining in that storm?

BrownsTallr_KlotzHere is the story of finding the elusive “Brown’s/ Aromatic/ Bitters/ Hannibal/ Mo” bottle. I knew they were out there, just never expected to dig one up, as I discovered on the Peachridge Glass web site, the article written about the only other (amber) one known had listed them as “extremely rare.” Only one known and they call it extremely rare??? I call it unique! Well, there are/is at least one, possibly as many as two aqua ones that appear to be a newer variant. Now there are two amber ones. Ferdinand Meyer, president of FOHBC, owns the previously unique example and is nicely pictured in his website article. So now back to mine.


A Sincere Thank You!

UnknownDear dealers, collectors and attendees; I wish to pass on my sincere gratitude for your support! Most of us are creatures of habit. We like familiar surrounds, and we get used to our comfort zone. Seven Feathers became just that. But life is fraught with change. And so, after roughly fifteen years in familiar surrounds, Seven Feathers and I “agreed to disagree”. It’s always tough starting over. But start over, we did. And, with your support, I believe that we have laid the building blocks for something far better. Sure, the padded chairs, the plush carpeting, fancy table drapes, linens, etc. etc. were nice amenities. But heh, how often do we get the chance to attend a show with the aroma of livestock wafting through the building, accompanied by sheep bleating, cows mooing and horses snorting in the background. Welcome to the Rogue Valley, and the Old West as it once was (and I wished still remained)… Read at Western Whiskey Gazette

Mansfield’s 38th Annual Show – Best Ever?

MansfieldartLast May 7th, Linda and I attended the 38th Annual Mansfield Ohio Antique Bottle Show. We have attended Mansfield every year for the past 12 years, except once because of a family outing. Remember, no matter how much we love our bottles, our family must come first. Other than for the FOHBC national shows, Mansfield is the longest distance we travel to a show. Mansfield has always been one of our favorite shows to attend as I always find something for the collection and look forward to visiting with friends from the Midwest Region. I was very happy to see the Midwest dealers asking for contracts for…


Mohawk Valley 22nd Annual Show was a Hit

041_MohawkThis past weekend I attended the Mohawk Valley Bottle Collectors Show. Once again, this year it was held at the Utica Maennerchor, located at 5535 Flanagan Road in Marcy New York. The members of the Maennerchor always make us feel welcome and provide some great food. FOHBCReadMoreArt

The “Pariah” Whitlocks: Southern Sympathies in NYC

1a. Whitlock hq..jpg pre-1856 - RThe Whitlock brothers, Benjamin M. and Edmund A., were grocers in New York City who launched several popular whiskey brands and also were widely known for Southern sympathies and pro-slavery views during the 1850s and early 1860s. The Civil War cost them their once flourishing business and the traumas may have sent both to early graves. Even after their deaths, for many people the Whitlocks remained pariahs. Legend has it that the Whitlocks were among five brothers who came to America from Dumphries, Scotland, about 1840, and that two went to New York while three other brothers settled in Virginia… Read at Those Pre-Pro Whiskey Men!

Mystery of the “Bitter Witch” finally solved.

Bitter Witch photoI’ve had a bottle in my collection for many, many years that has always intrigued me. It was dug in V.C. Nevada, is not a western whiskey and, in fact, is part of what a friend of mine has called my “darker side” of collecting. The question of just what was “Bitter Witch” has been bounced around for years. Bill Wilson said, in his 19th Century Medicine in Glass, that it was a product of John H. Redington of S. F. Cal., and that the brand was distributed along with Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters, Newell’s Pulmonary Balsam., Fish’s Infallible Hair Restorative, Woods Liver Regulator, Essence of Jamaica Ginger, and Yerba Santa. Read post at Western Bottle News. Earlier Post: Bitter Witch – What a great name! UPDATE: P. Pratts “Bitter Witch”

Logo Designs for the FOHBC 2018 Cleveland National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo

FOHBC_Cleveland Logo_NewLogo concepts were presented to the FOHBC 2018 Cleveland National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo co-chairs Louis Fifer and Matt Lacy (& Elizabeth Lacy) on Sunday evening, 24 April 2016. Every great American city has a founding father, historical landmarks and participated in our countries growth. Cleveland, Ohio is no different. What is exciting here is the transformation and revitalization of Cleveland through good infrastructure planning, diversification and investment in the arts. Cleveland is synonymous with the FOHBC Next Generation initiative.


H. H. Warner – His Company & His Bottles 2.0 by Michael Seeliger & contributing authors worldwide

HH Warner_Spread_SeeligerWEB
H. H. Warner – His Company & His Bottles 2.0. Digital Format fits any USB Port PDF version. Updates available as new information pictures and stories unfold by sending card back to the author. Filled with the Warner and Dr. Craig Story, Bottles, Advertising, Posters, Almanacs, and other information on Warner and Craig bottles. Over 600 pages with great pictures of all Warner bottles and advertising. Includes the 1974 book H.H. Warner His Company & His Bottles and a checklist of Warner and Dr. Craig items. $18 postpaid. Update available whenever desired by sending the original USB card back and receiving another new version for $3 to cover postage or free at bottle shows where Michael Seeliger is in attendance. To order a copy: Michael Seeliger, N8211 Smith Rd. Brooklyn, Wisconsin 53521, or buy it on ebay.

Genesee Valley Bottle Association Holds 47th Annual Show and Sale

Genesee16SquareThe weekend of last April 17, I made my annual trip to Rochester, New York for the Genesee Valley Bottle Association’s 47th Annual Show and Sale at the Robert Wesleyan College Voller Athletic Center at 2301 Westside Drive. This is a great location for a show with about everything a dealer could want. There is plenty of parking, big doors on the level ground to load and unload, great lighting and there is plenty of room behind the tables. Aaron and Pam Weber once again were the show chairmen.


Floating Bottles

FloodApril16Posted this yesterday, late afternoon. Click picture to enlarge. “Things not so good here at Peachridge. Actually have bottles floating in some 1st floor rooms. 17 1/2″ of rain so far. Seven dogs, five cats and us moving operations up stairs. No chance for evacuation. 2 to 3 feet water outside. Water still rising. Oh, and todays is Elizabeths B-Day. We were going to dinner tonight.” Update: We thank you for the well wishes, the calls, the emails and many Facebook comments on the PRG page. It is early Tuesday morning now. Dark. We will wait to see if the water is going down. It seemed quite a bit less downstairs this morning when we made a coffee maker and coffee run. Got seven dogs that need to go out.

California Sherry Wine Appetizer or Stomach Bitters

CSWSB_2xIt looks like we may have an unlisted, labeled bitters here as I find no reference to the California Sherry Wine Appetizer or Stomach Bitters in the Ring & Ham Bitters Bottles or the supplements, both existing and planned. This email and pictures came in from Henry Hartley: “Hello Ferdinand, having read about you and your connection with bitters, I figured you were the right fellow to ask about a labeled bitters I have. I hope you can read what is left of the label. Unfortunately the maker’s name is missing. Only an “E” and a “W” are discernible. This is sort of puzzle bottle. Thanks for any help in identification.”


2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention Seminar Schedule

Craigs&Seeligers_wSix outstanding seminars will be presented by prominent collectors on various collecting topics an the Lions Gate Hotel in Club Ballrooms A & B. They will take place on Friday morning, August 5th from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. The seminars will be: Warner and Dr. Charles Craig: Their Connection and the Beginning of the Warner Medicine Empire – Michael W. Seeliger with assistance from Mike and Kathie Craig…


Takes More Than Snow to Hold Down The Empire State Bottle Collectors Association

EmpireFeature16SnowLast April 3 was the date for the 46th annual Empire State Bottle Collectors Association spring show and sale. The club holds two shows a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Most clubs have their hands full doing just one show, but these guys have been doing two shows for years. The spring show had a lot to offer as far as this was the first time at the new location at the Cicero (N.Y.) American Legion post on 5575 Legionnaire Drive. For years, the show was held at the Cicero Fire House, but costs kept rising and it was time to move. I have been going to this show for years and I like the new location a lot better.


Jeff Wichmann inducted into the FOHBC Hall of Fame

WichmannHOFCoverArtThe FOHBC takes great pleasure in confirming that Jeff Wichmann, of Sacramento, California has been inducted into the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Hall of Fame. The Federation Board was very pleased with the nomination process and approved his induction with a unanimous, 18 of 18 votes. A 2/3rd majority was required. Jeff will join an important group of individuals who have brought forth significant contributions to our great hobby. Jeff will be accepting the award at the FOHBC 2016 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo Banquet on Friday, 05 August 2016, at the Lions Gate Hotel Hotel, Club Ballroom.


Tommy Mitchiner inducted into the FOHBC Honor Roll

TommyMitchiner_smallThe FOHBC takes great pleasure in confirming that the late Thomas William “Tommy” Mitchiner, of Gordon, Georgia has been inducted into the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors Honor Roll. The antique bottle collecting hobby for Tommy Mitchiner, of Gordon, Georgia, started in 1966 following a newspaper article about people digging in Savannah, Georgia and finding lots of John Ryan sodas and other bottles. Between that year and 2013 when he passed away, Mitchiner had become Georgia’s most famous bottle collector and had amassed a huge collection of John Ryan sodas …


American Bottle Auctions Open House added to 2016 Sacramento National Program

WichWindowAnother great event has been added to the FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. Come meet with Jeff Wichmann, Chi Chi Anyanwu and Dennis Fox, tour Jeff’s super American Bottle Auctions office and see some wonderful displays of antique bottles and western memorabilia. Buses will depart the Lions Gate Hotel at 10:30 am, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. The same buses will bring guests back. There are many lunch opportunities located in this unique Sacramento neighborhood. Refreshments offered.


Farrell’s Magnolia Bitters – O. H. Peckham & Co. – St. Louis

FarrellsLabelOsgood H. Peckham, president of the National Candy Company, and a well known figure in St. Louis, Mo., business circles, is a native of the State of New York, where he was reared and educated. In 1873 he came to St. Louis and engaged in the candy business, under the corporate name of the O. H. Peckham Company. The business thus founded was carried on under various firm names until it was merged into the National Candy Company, October 15, 1892. This larger company was incorporated under the laws of New Jersey and is one of the greatest business concerns in the United States, having the control of candy and confectionery manufacturing plants in nearly all the large western cities of the country.


Betty Zumwalt, the keynote speaker at the 2016 FOHBC Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention and Expo

BettyZumwalt2The FOHBC Banquet will be held on Friday evening, August 5th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Lions Gate Hotel Club Ballroom. A cash bar will be available for sodas and/or alcoholic beverages. The cost of the banquet will be $35 per person. Reservations will be available on a first come basis. Betty Zumwalt, renowned antique bottle and glass authority and author, FOHBC 2008 Hall of Fame inductee, will be the guest speaker discussing “50 year celebration of achievement”.


Story of a Bottle – Barkhouse Bros. & Co. Gold Dust Kentucky Bourbon

BarkhouseSmallPaulDear Mr. Ferdinand, I found your article when I was looking for information on an old bottle I purchased yesterday. I hope that you might be able to point me in the right direction. The bottle is embossed with the following words: Trade Mark Barkhouse Bros. & Co. Gold Dust Kentucky Bourbon, John Vanbergen & Co Sole Agents. I read an article that said a bottle like this sold for $28,000 in 2011. Do you know who I should speak to in regard to my bottle? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Paul


Surgical Institute Bitters

KCSurgicalInstituteImageYou see in 1873, Dr. D. E. Dickerson and Dr. John Stark founded the Western Surgical Institute in Kansas City, under the incorporate laws of the State of Missouri. This enterprise proved a financial as well as professional success with patients coming from New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Indian Territory, Nebraska, and adjacent States. They claimed in advertising to being the only institution west of the Mississippi that provided steam-propelled movement cure, that being the most modern treatment for the cure of paralytics. They claimed to perform difficult surgical operations daily. In some references the business is called the Kansas City Surgical Institute.


Extremely rare Senour’s Calisaya Bitters from St. Louis

DugSenoursEarlier in March. I posted on Daily Dose about a Senour’s Calisaya Bitters saying, “Off to Dallas and then San Antone tomorrow night. Baltimore next week for the big antique bottle show and FOHBC board meeting. Here is another Senour’s Calisaya Bitters that crossed my path today (see below). Obviously with a problem. That makes the one dug last month (see above) and this one, the only examples that I have ever seen.”


Reference to a Strickland’s Life Bitters

StricklandARTThe Strickland’s Life Bitters is an unlisted bitters that I came across recently while searching for other material. We are talking about Dr. Alfred Strickland who founded Strickland & Company around 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio. I first found his advertisements in various newspapers around 1864 for Dr. Strickland’s Mellifluous Cough Balsam, Strickland’s Pile Remedy, Strickland’s Anti-Cholera Mixture and Strickland’s Tonic. Some advertising was targeted to Civil War soldiers.


Somer’s Antique Bottle Clubs 46th Annual Show and Sale

17_2016Enfield_DougBurrThis past weekend I attended the Somer’s Antique Bottle Clubs 46th annual Show and Sale held at St. Bernard’s School West Campus located in Enfield, Connecticut. I have attended this show for years and have always enjoyed it a lot. For over 40 years, Rose Sokol and her husband Bob, have run the show. I had a chance to work with Rose on a few FOHBC items with her club and she is a true patriot of the hobby. Her devotion to the hobby is second to none and her club should be very proud of her and what she has done for the club over the years.


Saratoga Type Bottle Collectors Society

SaratogaPoster16The other day I received a nice letter and poster from Bob Puckhaber. Bob is son of the late Bernhard Puckhaber who published the first guide to SARATOGAS Mineral Waters in 1976. I still have my copy and I was lucky enough to have met Bernie as most called him at the Saratoga Mineral Water Club meetings back in 1980 or so when I was collecting Saratoga Type bottles.


Generals House Reception

GeneralsHouseLogoLions Gate Hotel, Generals House Reception, Thursday evening, August 4th, 2016, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, Sponsored by American Bottle Auctions and Peachridge Glass at the historic Lions Gate Hotel Generals House. This event is for dealers who have bought tables, their assistants, displayers, seminar givers and those with early admission passes at the FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. MORE INFO

French Aromatique – The Finest Stomach Bitters

FrenchAromatiqueBitters2_BeattyHi Ferd, here is a FRENCH AROMATIQUE THE FINEST STOMACH BITTERS in aqua. It is 7 1/4 by 3 1/8 by 2 3/4 by 5 1/4 with an applied ring top. I showed it to the late Dick Watson and he had heard of it, but never seen one. Ring & Ham have it listed as F 85 and Very Rare, which is 6 to 15 examples. I don’t know what city it is from but Dick was sure it was American. Does anyone out there know or have a label or newspaper advertisement? Best Regards, Gary Beatty


The Bust of Columbia Liberty Cap Eagle Historical Flask

ColumbiaPaintingJust when you wonder when the long drought and absence of killer bottles will end, up comes this off-the-chart great Bust of Columbia with Liberty Cap – American Eagle historical flask in a pint size in the Glass Works Auctions #110, aptly named “The Winter Blues” auction. The flask is pictured at the top of the post and once again within. I don’t think that I have ever seen a cobalt blue pint before. There are four or five known examples, one in the Corning Museum of Glass (pictured further below), two in private collections and now one in this auction. I have seen and handled the half pint Columbia Eagle at the FOHBC 2012 National Antique Bottle Show in Reno, Nevada. The can see it in the center of the picture directly above. I will never forget how beautiful that small bottle felt in my hand as I admired and was astonished with the beauty of it’s every detail.

Sacramento Grizzley Bear

SacbearTrioJeff (Wichmann) took the pictures yesterday (for a future Sacramento bottle article in BOTTLES and EXTRAS) and will forward them shortly. While he was here, he took a photo of a hand carved grizzley bear, California’s official state mammal. The bear has a blanket on its back and sides. One side is carved California. The other is carved Sacramento. If this image can be of any use for the Sacramento EXPO, the FOHBC is welcome to use it. We can also take other, perhaps better angles. Steve Abbott See enlarged pics


J. H. Dudley’s Jockey Club House Bitters

JCHB_ArtDudley’s graphics are wonderful on the box with this “Romeo” jockey sipping a glassful of Jockey Club Bitters that his Juliette hands him from her porch window. She has a larger container of bitters on the ledge. I guess her house was right next to the race track. J. H. Dudley also has his signature on the box which is pretty neat. He said that two or three wine glass fulls a day, placed in your wine or schnapps (I guess that you are already drinking) will cure your headache, stomach ache etc. I bet so, at least for a while. I also have never seen a bottle.


Kaiser Wilhelm Stomach Bitters – Sandusky, Ohio

KaiserWilhelmNukedSquareHey Ferd, I was with you when you purchased your “Toneco Bitters” at the Chattanooga National Show. I believe you thought it was nuked, but it is a pretty bottle. I just recently purchased this “Kaiser Wilhelm Bitters, Sandusky, Ohio” off of ebay. It had been nuked and was stained. I cleaned it on my machine and to me it’s beautiful. While I don’t ascribe to nuked bottles (the only one I have), it took a very un-attractive bitters and dressed it up. I like it because I am a born Buckeye. Maybe you can show it in your Daily Dose. Best Regards, Gary Beatty


“Up and Going” Excelsior Ginger Ale

ExcelGingerAleDetailI received the following “Need Help” message from Troy Beck (Xenia, Ohio) over on PRG Facebook. I get a lot of these types of questions and I am usually clueless on some of the stuff. I’m all over it, if it’s up my alley or I try to move the question on to someone else if I can. This examples was a no-brainer as the bottle says Ginger Ale on the label. That would be our man Ken Previtali.


Tuscaloosa Antique Bottle, Pottery & Advertising Show

TuscaloosaAdWorked on this design for a flyer for a NEW SHOW in Alabama. Please note. Tuscaloosa Antique Bottle, Pottery & Advertising Show on Saturday, July 23, 2016. This show, at least for this year, will replace and fill the vacancy left by the Birmingham Antique Bottle Show not occurring. Thanks to Bob McGraw & Bill Johnson for stepping in with John Joiner as a consultant. See all show listings.

An exquisite Lediard’s Morning Call square

Lediards_MorningCall_Side_r2Charles Lediard has again been on my mind recently for a number of reasons. First of all, I came across some new material and information and updated the Charles Lediard and his Liquor Products post from November 2012. This included more information on Charles Lediard, expanded newspaper advertising and an advertising trade card. Next I decided to clean-up the related OK Plantation Bitters – the “Big Boys post from November 2012. Then, I laid out an article that is planned for the May June 2016 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS. Here is the opening spread design.


Dexter Loveridge’s Wahoo Bitters – The Travellers Friend Flask

WahooFlask1_FullFront_rCJust received some great pictures the other day while boarding a flight from Tampa to Houston. Knocked my socks off, I think, as I had boots on. Look at these spectacular images that I prepped in Photoshop. From a prominent anonymous collector who has the best of best eyes for obtaining great bottles. I have never seen this embossed Loveridge flask before from Buffalo, New York. Dig the pewter cap, tax stamp, label and form. Off-the-chart killer.


Back to our RootsWhat Does That Mean?

FloydSacThe upcoming FOHBC 2016 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo to be held in Sacramento, California on August 4 – 7, 2016, is considered to be a “back to our roots” celebration of the beginnings or organized bottle collecting which later developed into the FOHBC. In order to help understand how this interest in bottle collecting came about, I have attached a 13 minute video that I found on the Internet. The underlying significance of this video is important, not only from the standpoint of bottle collecting in Sacramento but its greater implications to the hobby across the entire United States.

An Opinion on Bottle Cleaning

DugBottlesThe following represents my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of others. It reflects what I see in the collecting field that I have been a part of for 42 years. In a continuing and relentless attempt to make anyone who decides to have a bottle that is stained and or in need of restoration portrayed as a history-destroying criminal and an untrained butcher of sorts, I feel it necessary to discuss this in detail. I have had many discussions on the practice of restoring bottles. The reason I use the the term restoring and not altering is the bottle, when made, was not ground stained, it was clean and in most all cases shiny. If you return it to that state, it is a restoration and not an alteration from original state as made.


2016 Sacramento Shootout Bottle Competition News

SacShoot-OutArt_Alt2The Sacramento Shootout bottle competition will be held at the FOHBC 2016 National Antique Bottle Show & Expo in Sacramento, California after the Generals House Reception. There will be three (3) categories. Each category will have three (3) judges. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.The categories are Jesse Moore Sole Agent (cylinder fifths), U.S.A. Hosp. Dept. quarts and Hostetter’s Bitters (limit 4 entries per category per competitor). Security will be provided. For additional information contact Richard Siri, Sacramento Convention Chair, PO Box 3818, Santa Rosa, California, 707.542.6438, or visit

Cleveland, Ohio to be the host city for the 2018 FOHBC National Antique Bottle Convention

cleveland-convention-centerThe Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) is thrilled to announce the arrival of the 2018 FOHBC National Antique Bottle Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on August 3rd – 5th, 2018. This mega event promises to deliver in ways we haven’t seen before! The Convention will take place at the Cleveland Convention Center… READ MORE

Blue Pontiled McGuire Dug

MaGuireInHandBill Yablonski posts that an awesome St. Louis, Missouri, red iron pontiled, J & C Maguire medicine, in a fantastic, near mint condition was dug today in Memphis. See more pictures at

SACRAMENTO: A place where many came to seek a treasure.

Sacramento_california_1849Sacramento, A place where many came to seek a treasure. Some by ship, some by foot, some by horse, but none by plane. Most of you FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo visitors made your trip in a matter of minutes or hours. But the treasure seekers referred to above took months of the most arduous travel to come to Sacramento, and most went home without a treasure. May your fortune be better! Read at FOHBC

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  1. Warren Friedrich says:

    I’ve just spent several hours perusing this website for Antique Bottle Collectors, I have to say this is the most comprehensive internet site ever developed for the antique bottle enthusiast. It is destined to be the GO TO site for all those interested in the antique bottle hobby.

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    This is a great looking website — well done! Love all the pix of the beautiful bottles. Looking forward to watching this site grow. All the best wishes from the Findlay Bottle Club! –Marianne Dow

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    Well done, Ferd. Lots of great info and destined to be a favorite of a bunch of collectors.

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    Great job Ferd ! The information and enjoyment of your site is a huge asset to the bottle and glass collecting community not to mention the history buff ! My enjoyment of collecting has just increased 10 fold thanks to your efforts !

  5. feritz says:

    I have an example of the Hufeland bitters That reads: Original Swiss Stomach Tonic. sole manufacturers-Edward M. Lind/ O.L. Stevens. This is an early machine-made bottle, so I am assuming it was made after the pure foods act of 1906. Curious. Frank Ritz

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