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The 1948 Prince Cantacuzène Collection of Early American Bottles and Flasks

The 1948 Prince Cantacuzène Collection of Early American Bottles and Flasks 28 December 2018 Chris Hartz sent me and some fellow collectors the following email regarding the 1948 Prince Mikhail Cantacuzène (pictured above) collection of early American bottles and flasks. … Continue reading

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New Shelf Displays for Colorado Collector

Sandor Fuss sent in a few pictures of his new, killer display units and gave permission to post some of his great bottles. Sandor has been very much influenced by his visits to museums around the country (read: Some historical glass … Continue reading

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More FOHBC Virtual Museum Inspiration

In from Marianne Dow with the Findlay Bottle Club. Thanks MD! Fashion designer Valentino’s new virtual museum — wow! I’ll bet you will find some inspiration. With a big screen, it would be amazing. http://www.valentino-garavani-archives.org/teaserweb.html Yet another inspiration for the … Continue reading

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Good Advice in Collecting Old Glass

Jeff (Froggy) Burkhardt found this on www.Historicalglass.com and sent our way…Thanks Jeff!  1. Although supply and demand is a factor, and record prices may be set, don’t think that money can consistantly buy the best specimens. Courtesy and patience can … Continue reading

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