Big Advertising Pays for Paine’s Celery Compound


Big Advertising Pays for Paine’s Celery Compound

01 November 2015

Apple-Touch-IconAI did a post yesterday on Paine’s Celery Compound that revealed some super-sized advertising in various newspapers across United States. I would have to believe that taking full-page or almost full advertisements had a dramatic effect with the consumer who was being bombarded by every type of quack medicine, remedy, cure, bitters or tonic on the market. I especially enjoyed the testimonials from persons and dignitaries who probably never even tried the product like doctors, nurses, politicians, business tycoons, cabinet holders, sports figures, fire chiefs, preachers and of course mothers. You know, say something nice about the product and get your picture in the paper. The makers of Paine’s Celery Compound made millions.

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[below] Paine’s Celery Compound – The Spring RemedyThe Saint Louis Republic, Sunday, April 8, 1900


[below] Paine’s Celery Compound Makes Work Easy – The Saint Louis Republic, May 11, 1900


[below] Paine’s Celery Compound Right In Its Own Home – Vermont – The United Opinion (Bradford, Vermont), April 15, 1892


[below] Paine’s Celery Compound – Three Troopers of the Gallant Rough RidersKansas City Journal (Kansas City, Missouri), November 5, 1898


[below] Paine’s Celery Compound Far Outstrips Them All! – The Saint Louis Republic, November 19, 1901




[below] Paine’s Celery Compound – Most Famous Remedy in the World, It Makes People Well. – Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont), Friday, January 31, 1902


[below] Best for the Sick. Nurses and Doctors are Now Prescribing Paine’s Celery Compound – Kansas City Journal (Kansas City, Missouri)

PainesCeleryCompound_KC Joiurnal

[below] Elkes, Michael, Miller – Each at Height of His Career Uses Paine’s Celery Compound. – Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont), March 29, 1901


[below] Greatest Fire Chief In The World – Benefit He Received from Paine’s Celery Compound. – Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont), May 30, 1902


[below] Hon. Wm. C. Maybury, Mayor of Detroit – Says he is in Much Better Physical Condition Since Using Paine’s Celery Compound. – Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont), April 5, 1901


[below] The Only Remedy That Always Cures. – Senator Dwyer Gives Full Credit to Paine’s Celery Compound. – The Vermont Watchman, Wednesday, February 6, 1901


[below] Georgia Owes Its Railroads to Him. – Paine’s Celery Compound Was a Revelation to E. C. Machen – Middlebury Register (Middlebury, Vermont), April 26, 1901


[below] Physicians Now Order It. – Paine’s Celery Compound the One Spring Remedy That Make’s People Well. – Daily Public Ledger (Maysville, Ky.), April 06, 1895


[below] Best In All the World! Paine’s Celery Compound the Product of Brains and Medical Experience. – El Paso Daily Herald (El Paso, Tex.), January 19, 1901


[below] Treasurer Potter Vigorous at 82. Aged Bank Official Writes a Long, Grateful Letter to Proprietors of Paine’s Celery Compound. – El Paso Daily Herald. (El Paso, Tex.), February 26, 1901


[below] Secretary Chicago Exchange. Col. R. M. Littler Recommends That Best of Remedies, Paine’s Celery Compound – The Evening Bulletin (Maysville, Kentucky), February 12, 1898


[below] Practice What They Preach. Leading Clergymen of Every Denomination Use and Advise Paine’s Celery Comp0und. – The Evening Bulletin (Maysville, Kentucky), February 12, 1898


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