A. A. Mellier – St Louis Missouri

MellierIllustrationA. A. Mellier – St. Louis, Missouri

Mellier’s Imperial Tonic Bitters

by Mark C. Wiseman

07 April 2015 (R•040815)

Apple-Touch-IconAHi Ferdinand, Here is what I have found on the bottle I dug on Sunday, likely an “Imperial Tonic Bitters” according to the 1878 book listing. Thought you might like it for your web site. Photos to follow. Your friends, Mark Wiseman and Jimmy the Pup.


Dug on Easter Sunday 2015, (with many other bottles and items) this bottle: “A. A. MELLIER, ST Louis Mo” (two dots under T in St. Louis and under O in Mo.) measures 9 inches tall, beveled corner square, 2 5/8 inches crude, diagonal base seam, deep circular indentation, no lettering on base. Some old base scars.


First I found the sons of A. A. Mellier.

The Book of St. Louisan’s” by John W. Leonard, 1906, lists:

“Mellier, Albin, manufacturing druggist, born New Geneva, Fayette Co. Pa., Sept 15, 1850, Son of Amedee Augustus and Christine M. (Haverstick) Mellier started in business, Sept 1, 1869 as a clerk for Scott & Mellier, wholesale druggists, St. Louis, and on July 1, 1873, became junior partner in firm of A. A. Mellier successor to Scott & Mellier: one of incorporators of Mellier Drug Co., organized January 1887.”

 His brothers description is similar:

“Kennedy Duncan Mellier, born St. Louis, May 23, 1849, A. A. Mellier succeeded Scott & Mellier in 1870”.

The book “A Tour of St. Louis, or the Inside Life of a Great City” by J. A. Dacus PH. D. and James W. Buel (Members of the St. Louis Press) Price $1.50, Published by the Western Publishing Company, Jones & Griffin. St. Louis, 1878, has the following complete description. Based on the 1878 description (third page), it would appear this bottle may have been used for the “Imperial Tonic Bitters”.




Additional Pictures

Mellier5 Mellier4 Mellier3 Mellier2

Auguste Amadee Mellier

From the book St. Louis The Future Great City of The World Illustrated Edition 1875, Biographical Edition” By L.U. Reavis, St Louis, Gray Baker & Co.,407 N. Fourth Street.





A Few Clippings from PRG


How Commercial Agencies Are Conducted “Case of A. A. Mellier against Charles Shepard” – The Cincinnati Enquirer, Saturday, July 22, 1871


A. A. Mellier advertisement – The Hutchinson News, Thursday, January 9, 1873


Hatch’s Universal Cough Syrup on sale by A. A. Mellier – The Osage County Chronicle, Thursday, August 9, 1877


Oh! my Head advertisement – The Columbus Weekly Advocate, Thursday, September 17, 1885


Failure of a Well-Known St. Louis Drug Firm – The Decatur Herald, Thursday, October 28, 1886

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