Hyde & Gay – Hunk Dori Bitters


Hyde & Gay – Hunk Dori Bitters

25 October 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAHere is another surprise that is up on eBay now. Another unlisted bitters! The pictures have been cleaned up a bit and have been taken from the eBay listing. Alerted by Frank Wicker and Bill Ham, the Hunk Dori Bitters by Hyde & Gay in Bath, Maine is labeled and oddly enough, is missing the “I” in “HUNKI” compared to another HUNKI DORI BITTERS from Chicago (see below). Hunki Dori means “everything is fine” or “satisfied” or something like that. One of those phrases that you just hear about and wonder. I always thought it was a cool bar in Viet Nam or something. An what is it with that ‘hairy eye’ illustration on the label? Pretty weird.


H 210: