King’s Hop Bitters added to Florida Collection


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection

King’s Hop Bitters added to Florida Collection

03 January 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAI received an e-mail from Lou Holis (Lake Alfred, Florida) regarding a potentially unlisted or at least, extremely rare bitters. I wanted to congratulate Lou on his find and the rather nice pictures he sent to represent the bottle. Always something exciting happening in the bitters world.

Hi – I have the Ring and Ham book but not the Supplement. Just wondering if they list 2 sizes for this rare one that is 6 1/4″ tall by 2 1/4″ wide by 1 1/2″ deep with an applied ring top. Have found nothing on this bottle on the web, just Worthpoint had the 8 1/8″ variant listed. Bought it on ebay, Buy It Now Option where most bottles are found. It was a UK seller. The bottle will be at the Suncoast Antique Bottle Show & Sale on the 11th of January. Have a great day.

Lou Holis (Lake Alfred, Florida)

PS: The bottle was dug on an 1880s-1890s refuse tip in Dorchester Dorset in 2005. It was the only example that was found and the whole site was excavated. It was a filled in chalk pit and a housing development now covers the site.

See original ebay listing


The Bitters Bottles Supplement lists K 53.4 for the 6 1/4″ size example that you hold. It is listed as extremely rare and an English bitters. The K 53.5 is listed in the original book as 8 1/8″ tall by 3″ x 2″. In both cases, I see that I do not have examples in my collection. Searching online, I do see the example you mention being sold previously and the K 53.4, smaller size, being sold by Alan Blakeman and BBR Auctions.


Bitters Bottles Group. 6.25 To 10.75 inches tall, includes Codd bottle, aqua glass, embossed “The Stockport Bitters Company” plus Codd bottle, embossed “Taylors/ Perfection/ Hop Bitters Brewery/ Manchester”plus Roses Orange Bitters bottle, embossed “Roses/ Orange/ Bitters” to one shoulder “L. Rose & Co/ London & Leith” to the other plus Kings / Hop Bitter” rectangular bottle (K 53.4). Considerable scarcity. – BBR Auctions


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.5), larger size previously sold in 2008 ebay auction.

This is a tough one to track information on as the bottle has no label and I can find no advertising. Maybe this post will flush out some information.



King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection


King’s Hop Bitters (K 53.4) – Holis Collection

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