Florida Water – Murray & Lanman – New York


F L O R I D A   W A T E R

M U R R A Y   &   L A N M A N

N E W   Y O R K


09 August 2013

Apple-Touch-IconAOne of my earliest bottle purchases occurred with Pacific Glass Auctions (now American Bottle Auctionsback in November 2002 for an unmarked, 9″ tall, blue bottle (left below) that I just liked. The teal green bottle (on right) followed shortly thereafter on ebay. These bottles stand together on some corner shelf watching my Bitters bottles.

Of course I am talking about Florida Water perfume or cologne bottles (center below). No you don’t drink it, but I suppose you could since the labels say 75% alcohol. Wow.


Last night I came across a spectacular trade card with a parrot, flowers and a fountain surrounding a Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water bottle (see below). This got me thinking about my lonesome bottles and the story behin