A Few Extraordinary Texas Bottles


All three of these are clear bottles are unique. Left to right, THE / OLD HOMESTEAD / MFG. CO. // TURNER & DINGEE // FORT WORTH, TEXAS *** PATTON’S / CHILL TONIC SYRUP /  OAK CLIFF DALLAS, TEXAS *** CHAPINE CREAM / DEAN’S DRUG STORE / WACO, TEX – Seigler Collection

A Few Extraordinary Texas Bottles

20 August 2013

Brad holding a TOBACK jar (Indian tobacco) at the 2013 Houston Antique Bottle Show

I am finally going to get off my butt, and right an article on my decade long chase of Texas patent med bottles, and submit it to bottles & extras. If they do not except it I will post the article here.

I am finally going to get off my butt, and write an article on my decade-long chase of Texas patent medicine bottles, and submit it to Bottles and Extras. If they do not accept it, I will post the article here on Facebook.

Guys if any of you have any Texas bottles like these, please – please – please let me know. I am on a never-ending hunt for them.

Brad Seigler

Apple-Touch-IconABrad, these are wonderful pictures as these are very tough bottles to photograph. If the article and pictures are anything like our discussions and your pictures, I suspect we can get the material in Bottles and Extras PLUS get a cover. I have a connection over at the FOHBC.

Brad is also trying to organize a second Texas bottle show in Palestine which is in east Texas (north of Houston and southeast of Dallas). At one time in the distant past, Texas was at the epicenter of antique bottle and glass collecting with strong bottle clubs and shows. You would hear names like Mebane, Greer, Neatherlin, Agee, Albers and so many more. Elizabeth and I have even considered a ‘Glass in the Grass’ at Peach Ridge somewhat like the Heckler Hayfield event.

Enjoy Brad’s pictures and bottles. A lot of history here. Stay tuned for his article too!


Two very rare mineral water bottles. There are less than a handful of either bottle. On the left: STAR WELL WATER / RELIEVES INDIGESTION IMMEDIATELY / MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS. On the right: STAR WELL WATER / FOR THE STOMACH / MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS – Seigler Collection


Embossing detail STAR WELL WATER / FOR THE STOMACH / MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS – Seigler Collection


Star Well – Mineral Wells, Texas – This is a picture of the place that bottled the mineral water bottles I posted. David (Cole) has a huge collection of them, and I think their story would also make for an interesting article. I may photograph his, and mine to write story on them as well.


MORLEY’S T-X-S HAIR TONIC in amber. Another rare one with very few examples. Now all I need is the square t-x-s liver cordial, and the tiny t-x-s liver pills. – Seigler Collection


PAGEMATIC FOR THE RHEUMATIC / TRADEMARK  (embossed man walking) WEATHERFORD TEXAS. This one is unique to Texas collectors. I have owned a couple from Dallas, but this one is the only example ever seen by our collectors ever from Weatherford, Texas. – Seigler Collection


Embossing detail PAGEMATIC FOR THE RHEUMATIC / TRADEMARK (embossed man walking) WEATHERFORD TEXAS. – Seigler Collection


TUCKER & WILLIS / MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS / WACO TEXAS. Same size as the below bottle, but even rarer. The only known whole example in this huge 12″ size. – Seigler Collection


This is THE Texas med in my opinion. I have chased an example of this bottle for the entire time I have collected. There are less than 5 out there, and this is the best example. Applied top, twelve inches tall. TUCKER & WILLIS /  IMPROVED /  IRON (motif) INVIGORATOR / WACO, TEX – Seigler Collection


TUCKER & WILLIS / IMPROVED / IRON (motif) INVIGORATOR / WACO, TEX detail of embossing – Seigler Collection

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