P. Guillaume’s Mineral Water Bottle Mystery

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Apple-Touch-IconAHere is a puzzler for the Western collectors. I bet someone out there can provide information on this bottle. This is when I miss ole’ Michael Dolcini the most.

[e-mail #1] I have a bottle that even Jeff Wichmann at American Bottle Auctions could not identify. I have spent countless hours on the Internet trying to find out any information on this bottle, but I have found out absolutely nothing, this is why I am emailing you in desperation. Please help me! The bottle I am speaking of is 8 inches tall it has a crown top, aqua in color, the seam does not continue to the top, but ends approx. below the top, is approx. 2 3/8″ in diameter, has an uneven bottom. The label on it is heavily embossed on the glass : P. Guillaume’s MINERAL WATER POPE VALLEY, NAPA CO. CAL. Please contact me as I could find nothing about this bottle and you are my last hope.

Thank You Very Much, Albert Richenberger

[e-mail #2] Here are the pictures you requested. I purchased the bottle from a lady that told me her late husband dug it up at Gold City, Nevada. Gold City is approx. 5 miles from Virginia City, Nevada. Thank You for your help I really appreciate it. If you need other pictures I will take them.

Thanks again, Albert Richenberger

PS If you are going to the Reno bottle show I will be there helping a friend Mike Gerth who is going to display there I would like to meet you. I also will have the bottle there. Thanks again!



Material below provided by Marianne Dow



Listing for Pope Mineral Spring and Peter GuillaumeMines and mineral resources of the counties of Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Marin, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Yolo – Walter Wadsworth Bradley, California State Mining Bureau – 1915

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