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Apple-Touch-IconAThe latest from my pal James Campiglia up in Montana. Just a reminder, anyone can send me pictures and news of your collection or your bottle adventures. Let’s open the hobby up as much as possible. Ferdinand


Hello Ferd,

A picture I took the other night. Tonight I’m dusting bottles and moving them around. I could spend a week doing this. Moving from one room to another to the office. Some say I have too many bottles! Bet you’ve heard that one! Oh and cleaning windows but not outside hoping for that tomorrow a.m. before a snow storm comes.


I was trying not to get into Montana bottles. I collected Nevada when I lived there, and still collect. Santa Barbara when I lived there, most boxed up now. And since I love it here and plan to stay awhile going for the best of the Montana now specializing in Territory ones and only need one drugstore I think. Originally I was only keeping those that I dug such as in the center A. Landt Livingston, M.T. (only 2 sodas marked Territory), and the Bozeman Bottling I dug downtown in an outhouse they were literally twisted laying together neck in neck and came out nearly perfect. The Merritt & Co. Helena, Montana I dug that one in Wickes ghost town. Odd shaped soda.


(above) Nearly all the different Butte hutches and blobs, sorry pic not as good in that case, not back-lit with dimmable special fluorescents like the other one. Missing the A. Speckart blob variant (far left is the Speckart & Co. Butte City) and a Denhalter hutch, the same guy was here then in Utah. And will send a pic. of the rare Montana Bottling variant I dug the other day.

Will write a bit more about a dig this past week after I go dust a few more bottles. Cant sit still too long so might as well run around dusting!

James (Campiglia)

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