1970’s Suffolk Pig reproductions, but way cool…



1970’s Suffolk Pig reproductions, but way cool…

22 January 2013

Apple-Touch-IconAEric Matthew Richter posted these rather nice pictures of the reproduction SUFFOLK BITTERS figural pig over at Bottle Collectors on facebook. Nice color runs and pictures. I suspect these are embossed AMERICA’S / SUFFOLK BITTERS / LIFE PRESERVER. Eric thinks that these were made in Murano?

I always wondered who made these reproductions myself and scratch my head that the original Suffolk Bitters, which are embossed SUFFOLK BITTERS | PHILBROOK & TUCKER BOSTON, only come in amber, yellow amber and fortunately a gorgeous lemon yellow? (pictured below from my collection)

S217 Suffolk_B

Early American Glass authority Noel Tomas says that these reproductions pictured in this post are made in Taiwan, which doesn’t really sound to good. These are still collectible to some and down the road somewhere may have a broader appeal. Noel even mentioned that he collected them himself a number of years ago.

Eric does go on to say that they are getting harder and harder to find and they are being snapped up on ebay rather quickly.

Eric — With as many facsimiles and repros that I have, the first pig copy of what your are showing I had purchased when they first started flooding the market. At the time, there was a sticker on the bottle “Made In Taiwan.” Did the ones you are showing have some ID to Murano?


Eric also asks…

“Anybody have the Cobalt one for sale?”

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SuffolkRepro2 SuffolkRepro3 SuffolkRepro4 SuffolkRepro5

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