Ta Tsing Bitters – The Great Chinese Remedy

Ta Tsing Bitters – The Great Chinese Remedy

02 May 2012 (R•053114-patent drawing) (R•061117)

Apple-Touch-IconAThe other night I was asked by Richmond, Virginia collector, Tom Leveille to post a picture of my “Virginia” Bitters in a group. I immediately asked “Does this include West Virginia?” thinking of my figural Chinaman bitters. Tom was not familiar with Ta Tsing Bitters so I developed a post.

Picture of working Chinaman in San Francisco – circa 1860

Without a doubt, this is one of my top three figural bitters. Introducing “The Chinaman” as it is also affectinately known. This was number #1 on my want list until I was able to obtain the definitive, top example in a private transaction in March 2006.

T 4  TA TSING BITTERS, Circa 1868 –
L… Ta Tsing Bitters The Great Chinese Remedy
11 x 3 1/2 x 2 ½
Figure of a Chinese man with long pigtail,
Amber, Applied mouth
Design patent No. 2960 issued to Meigs Jackson of Clarksburg, West Virginia on March 24, 1868

Ta Tsing Bitters “The Chinaman”

Ta Tsing Bitters “The Chinaman”

Ta Sing Bitters Drawing

1868 Meigg Jackson’s Design for Bottle & Trade Mark 2960, Ta Tsing Bitters – Bitters Bottles Supplement

Ta Tsing Bitters (aka The Chinaman) from Clarksburg, West Virginia. From thirty-six (36) rotational photos by Alan DeMaison doing 3-D imaging for the FOHBC Virtual Museum project. – Meyer Collection

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Ferdinand Meyer V is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. Ferdinand is the founding Principal of FMG Design, a nationally recognized design consultation firm. Ferdinand is a passionate collector of American historical glass specializing in bitters bottles, color runs and related classic figural bottles. He is married to Elizabeth Jane Meyer and lives in Houston, Texas with their daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. The Meyers are also very involved in Quarter Horses, antiques and early United States postage stamps. Ferdinand is the past 6-year President of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors and is one of the founding members of the FOHBC Virtual Museum.
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