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People Shots from the Heckler Columbus Day Weekend Event

It is fun to walk around and take pictures of people at bottle shows. Like my father always told me, “you will never meet a greater group of people than you will with bottle collectors”

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A Day Made of Glass – very cool

in from John Panella. Thanks John. Click Here Actually in my real life and work I design and work in glass. I am very aware of where this is headed and just love glass. John: Check out the Future of … Continue reading

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Heckler Columbus Day Weekend Event – Best Yet!

I suspected that this years Heckler Columbus Day Weekend Event (featuring The Thomas McCandless Collection) would be a bit grander than normal but I had no idea that it would be this spectacular. I mean all the advertising and hype … Continue reading

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Scuba Diving for bottles in Alaska!

[PRG] Looking for some individuals who dive for bottles or find bottles on beaches! Incoming Response When it comes to antique bottle collecting, Coastal Living fans are a resourceful lot.  Some scour miles of beaches, others dream of finding a sunken … Continue reading

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