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25 May 2017

Good morning, Ferd, The attached trade card is my latest acquisition. I see that you have written a very entertaining post on these unlisted bitters. Perhaps you would like to add this image to it? The name La Ree has special meaning to me. It is my wife Edith’s middle name. She is indeed “A beautiful woman that is loved by all”

Have a great day………….Joe (Gourd)

Read: Goodwin’s Laree Bitters – Baltimore

Zee famous blue fish bitters. Working on some image shadow clean-up. Thirty-six (36) rotational photos by Alan DeMaison when he was in Denver a few weeks ago doing 3-D imaging for the FOHBC Virtual Museum. Example from the Sandor P. Fuss collection.

24 May 2017

A beautiful amber Simon’s Centennial Bitters (figural bust of George Washington). Working on some image shadow clean-up. Very nice coloration. Thirty-six (36) rotational photos by Alan DeMaison when he was in Houston a few weeks ago doing 3-D imaging for the FOHBC Virtual Museum project. Read: Simon’s Centennial Bitters and the 4th of July

23 May 2017

Working on some image shadow clean-up on this really nice figural Horse Shoe Bitters (Horse Shoe Medicine Co.) from Collinsville, Illinois. Ex: Grapentine. Very nice coloration. Photos by Alan DeMaison when he was in Houston a few weeks ago doing 3-D imaging for the FOHBC Virtual Museum. Read: The wonderful Horse Shoe Bitters from Collinsville, Illinois

22 May 2017

Working on some image shadow clean-up on this super-fine W & C NY Pineapple Bitters from the Sandor P. Fuss collection. Only example in this color that I am aware of. Photo (1 of 36 rotations) by Alan DeMaison when we were out in Denver a few weeks ago doing 3-D imaging for the FOHBC Virtual Museum project. Read: Pineapple Bitters – The Different Variants

17 May 2017

Just Luvs this extremely rare Dr. Calvary’s Ague Bitters from Ottawa, Illinois currently on eBay. Look at that small “s” they squeezed in for “Bitters”. Thanks to Bill Ham for the tip-off.

Help Please: I am trying to find a bottle for a person that says, “Catawba Wine” on it. Does not have to say Bitters. If you have one call or email Gary Beatty  941.276.1546 or tropicalbreezes@verizon.net.

05 May 2017

Received these Lash’s Bitters images (fully labeled and with original contents) from a fellow up north. Found them when cleaning out an estate. Was wondering about rarity and value. Said the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of American History had an example on their web site. Anyway, I told him it was a very late 1920s bottle that was more interesting than valuable. He was going to have his lab analyze the contents. Usually alcohol 18% (drug active ingredients).

Read: Lash’s Bitters | San Francisco – Chicago – New York

04 May 2017

Ferd – I just had someone send me a bunch of bottles and in them were these master inks. I guess they spent a lot of time making their product as visually inviting as possible. The Carter’s cathedral shaped inks we all see and collect is a good indicator of that. Anyway, I thought I would send you a picture as it dawned on me that the idea of collecting labeled master inks isn’t the worst thing a person could go after.

Best Regards,
Jeff (Wichmann)

19 April 2017

Cool ad posted by Lou Holis for Peckham’s Calisaya Tonic Bitters (formally Pendleton’s Tonic). I don’t believe there is a surviving bottle out there?

17 April 2017

King B Bitters advertisement – August 1884

Looks to be reference to an unlisted “King B Bitters” put out by the Hall Brothers in San Francisco. Certainly am aware of those guys.

King B Bitters advertisement – San Francisco Chronicle, Thu, Nov 12 1885

King B Bitters advertisement – San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, Nov 19 1885.jpg

16 April 2017

Brad Seigler submits this image for Dr. Russell’s Pepsin Calisaya Bitters. Read: Augauer Bitters and the Gauer Family – Chicago

15 April 2017

Someone got a great deal on this one. Went to your Yerba Buena Bitters – A San Francisco Strap Flask page on your site. The picture was not there representing an aqua one. This was on the American Bottle Auctions For Sale page last year. – Lou Holis

All: There is a super yellow/green tone example on eBay now. Superb Colored Western Bitters- Yerba Buena

14 April 2017

Love this framed advertising piece for Dr. Miller’s Celebrated Root Bitters. W. D. Miller, Saint Paul, Minn. Posted by Steve Ketcham.

13 April 2017

Today a very nice Dr. Gregory’s Scotch Bitters advertising trade card submitted by Joe Gourd. I was able to pick up an example bottle at the recent Baltimore Antique Bottle Show this past March.

Read: Gregory’s Scotch Bitters – Minneapolis

12 April 2017



I hope all is well with you.

Thought you might like to see the attached photos…dug this yesterday in Texas and have never seen this variation of the Home Bitters bottles (St. Louis, Missouri) before…dug plenty of (broken) examples of the amber squares but not this one. Haven’t washed it up yet. Not a very exciting bottle but pretty early…was digging a barrel privy (which was sadly empty) and this showed up in a small trash pit along one outside wall of the privy.

Best Regards,

Brandon DeWolfe, P.E.
Houston, Texas

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11 April 2017


Here are some more bitters dug in the same privy in North Dakota as The Mikado
Tonic. The “DOCTOR GREGORY SCOTCH BITTERS ” is G 113 in Bitters Bottles by Ring & Ham and is extremely rare. The “BERLINER MAGEN BITTERS” is B 86
rated scarce from Duluth MN. The N.W. Med. Co. Bitters (NORTH WEST MEDICINE
CO.) is from St. Paul MN. Listed as N 1-L, extremely rare. It would seem
this home owner in South Dakota traveled to Minnesota. I wonder if the Dr. Gregory
Bitters is from Minnesota? Best Regards,

Gary (Beatty)

Read: Gregory’s Scotch Bitters – Minneapolis

10 April 2017


Can you use these photos for Daily Dose or FaceBook? “THE MICADO TONIC”
is embossed on back side “JAPANESE REMEDY” it is definitely an American
bottle. It Is olive yellow. The name MICADO in Japanese is “Emperor or
Honorable Gate.” It was dug in N. Dakota and I cleaned it. I think it is
like other bitters with exotic names trying to capture the thought something
better. The Millville fruit jar I found in a junk shop. The clamp & rubber
look original to me.

Best Regards, Gary (Beatty)

05 April 2017

Crazy Recent Digging Finds. Look for an article in an upcoming issue of Bottles and Extras:

Sorry it has been so long since I have written a bottle digging article. We have been digging almost every weekend.

We have a three person Tri-State digging crew, since we have one person from Ohio, one from West Virginia, and I’m here in Pennsylvania. We have been hitting it hard the last year or so, with many cool and historic finds… Recently, we have dug some pretty great bottles and thought it may make a nice additional to the New Finds column.

In about a 30-day period (31 to be exact), we dug a Rough and Ready Zachary Taylor Quart flask, then followed that up with a colored pint Louisville double eagle, then a couple weeks ago we dug a quart green scroll flask… all in excellent condition! I can’t believe that the quart flasks were not damaged, as all these flasks were at the bottom of 8 to 10 footers. 

Lots of bad holes in between and seems like most of the holes we dig (when there is a good bottle) only have one good bottle… but we will take it! Hard work and perseverance pays off for sure!

I’ve attached pictures of these finds… I’ll make sure to follow up soon with some bottle digging articles! 

Jeff Mihalik

04 April 2017

The May June 2017 issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS is at the printer! Looks who has the feature article space “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”!

Inside this issue.. Bottles and Extras, Vol. 28 No. 3 | May – June 2017 | No. 231 (Coming Soon!)

Features: Historical Look at Springfield Jim Bender 14 Maddox Park: Diggers’ Delight Down in Dixie Bill Baab 22 He dug in the park for 51 weekends Dave Swetmon 25 Jack Ryan, His Flask, and “The Wild Bunch” Jack Sullivan 29 Warner’s Safe Cure “No City” Michael Seeliger 34 Collecting Club Bottles: Glimpses into the Past of Our Great Hobby Bill Baab 38 My Visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see its cross-swirled Pitkin Dana Charlton-Zarro 52

Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom 4 History’s Corner 5 Lost & Found 61 Member Photo Gallery 64

Departments: FOHBC Officer Listing 2014-2016 2 President’s Message 3 FOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 Membership Directory 67 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 68 Membership Application 72

About Ferdinand Meyer V

Ferdinand Meyer V, President, Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. Ferdinand is the founding Principal of FMG Design, a nationally recognized design consultation firm. Ferdinand is a passionate collector of American historical glass specializing in bitters bottles, color runs and related classic figural bottles. Ferdinand is married to Elizabeth Jane Meyer and lives in Houston, Texas with their daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. The Meyers are also very involved in Quarter Horses, antiques and early United States postage stamps.
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