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Stoddard Glass – Updated Information from Michael George

Updated information provided by Michael George based on an exhibit he organized called “New Hampshire Glassmakers”. The Dr. Townsends bottle pictured in the post: Embossed DR TOWNSEND’S SARSAPARILLA ALBANY N.Y. Sand Pontil 17 Rivets Dark Amber is noted. I thank Mike George for … Continue reading

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Who did this display?.. or it could only be from?

Of course it is from the New England bottle power duo Jeff and Holly Noordsy. Always the best bottles and the best visual displays to catch your attention! Look at this great still life photograph. Read: Pictures at an Exhibition … Continue reading

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Edward Drummond Libbey, American Glassmaker

Some good information in from Ken Previtali: Hello Ferd, Here’s a book (Edward Drummond Libbey, American Glassmaker by Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr.) that I discovered recently that was interesting for a number of reasons; including a great early history of the … Continue reading

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A couple of Petite Chestnuts

Ferd, good to see you at Keene – brief as always it seems, but bottles, bottles, bottles. Find the e-mail below which I sent back in May but appears to have slipped through your “net”.  In case you did see … Continue reading

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Connecticut – The Willington Glass Works Colors

From New England glass collector Michael George: Visit Mike’s Web Site BottleShow.com The Willington Glass Works in CT was in business for an astounding 57 years from 1815-1872. The earlier production was most earthy tone olive and olive-amber colors. Here … Continue reading

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