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Koopmann’s Bitters dug in Savannah

Koopmann’s Bitters dug in Savannah 21 August 2016 Pretty exciting bitters here submitted by Robert Biro. Looks like a beauty to me! I’ll check it out in the Ring & Ham books. Notice the backwards “S” on “Koopmann’s”. Ah-so… I’ve written … Continue reading

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A Dump Cake

A Dump Cake 01 July 2014 I missed this post over on Facebook on Fathers Day and just saw it today. What a great idea and effort! Posted by Ricky Weiner and captioned “A member from my web site posted … Continue reading

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Jarred Fragments

Jarred Fragments 15 March 2014 Bill Steele, over on Facebook Bottle Collectors posted some gorgeous pictures of glass shards in jars. Pictured against the snow, the imagery is quite stunning. Bill said, “Here’s what I’ve done with some of the … Continue reading

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Chicago Bottle Dig – Jigsaw Puzzle

Chicago Bottle Dig – Jigsaw Puzzle 13 October 2013 I received this interesting e-mail and pictures from Barry Rustin thru Alan DeMaison (FOHBC Business Manager) regarding a Chicago bottle dig. I contacted Barry with a few questions, and congratulated him … Continue reading

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