My Visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum | Part 2

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My Visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum | Part 2 of 2

by Sandor P. Fuss

17 June 2014

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Hi Ferdinand,

I am going to send you 70 pictures that I took during my visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum when I was on Cape Cod last week. My visit was the culmination of an epic sixty day bottle viewing extravaganza that included me visiting the collections of Jeff Burkhardt, Bill Taylor, Jim Hall and Peachridge!

The Sandwich Glass Museum is easy to get to, just fifty minutes South of Boston and well worth the trip. The displays are fantastic and there is just enough glass on display to impress but not overwhelm.

"there is nothing like seeing these wonderful objects in person!

My photos illustrate the bulk of the display collection and I tried to represent everything, although I am bias towards color and I probably should have taken more pictures of the extraordinary clear cut glass. I also had trouble photographing the lacy salts so I did not include them. Please feel free to post all or a selection of these photos on both Peachridge and Facebook. It will give people a chance to have a virtual tour of the museum and hopefully inspire some visits to the museum because there is nothing like seeing these wonderful objects in person!

Regards, Sandor

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