A. Slager – Manufacturer of German Vegetable Stomach Bitters

Slager Bitters

A. Slager, Dealer in Queensware and Manufacturer of German Vegetable Stomach Bitters – 1865 Memphis City Directory

A. Slager – Manufacturer of German Vegetable Stomach Bitters

Queensware & Bitters

30 January 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAI was looking around an old 1865 Memphis business directory the other day and found this A. Slager, Dealer in Queensware and Manufacturer of German Vegetable Stomach Bitters listing. How do you like that combination? I could not find a reference in the Ring and Ham Bitters Bottles books. Bill Ham was kind enough to provide the following update and comment that will be in the next Bitters Bottles Supplement.


G 30 GERMAN VEGETABLE STOMACH BITTERS, A. Slager, No. 149 ½ Popular Street, Memphis

I found that the listing for G 30 was missing from the BITTERS BOTTLES book but in checking FOR BITTERS ONLY, I found a listing for German Vegetable Stomach Bitters that you recently displayed the advertisement for.” – Bill Ham

There is sparse information on this brand and Abraham Slager. This bitters was probably only produced for a year or so. Some of you may wonder why I even spend time on these ghosts. Well, somebody out there usually has more information or better yet, an example to include in the post…..or better yet, an example for my collection. 🙂 Where did this guy come from, where did he go? What a mystery.

1865: A. Slager, china and manufacturers of stomach bitters, 149 1/2 Poplar street, Memphis City Directory


Abraham Slager, China, Glass & Queensware, 149 1/2 Poplar – 1867 Memphis City Directory

1866-1867: Abraham Slager, china, queensware, glassware, lamps & oils, 149 1/2 Poplar, r same, Memphis City Directory

1867: B. & A. Slager, bill of sale, $250, stock & fixtures, No. 172 Poplar Street – Memphis Daily Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.), February 20, 1867

As this post is sparse with information and imagery, I though you might enjoy these two related photographs from the same time period.


China Glass & Queensware, Auction & Negro Sales, Whitehall St, Cigar Manufactory, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864


Hirsch & Slager Cigar store at 9 S. Main St. owned by Sam Hirsch & Harry Slager. — Cotton bale in front with sign, “We bought our bale at ten cents, have you? Hirsch & Slager.” Not sure here of a family relationship.


Who knows… Maybe Abraham Slager visited the Peobody Hotel, one of my favorites with the duck routine. – 1867 Memphis City Directory

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