The XR Dr. Kreitzer’s German Stomach Bitters – Philadelphia


The XR Dr. Kreitzer’s German Stomach Bitters – Philadelphia

28 April 2013 (R•092018)

Apple-Touch-IconAThis extremely rare Bitters bottle sold on ebay last night. This listing is noted below. See Listing on ebay. As usual, I wanted to find out why this bottle was so rare and who was Dr. Kreitzer?


ebaylogoHere’s a nice old bitters bottle. Hand finished, smooth base, about 7 1/4″ tall, embossed DR. M. C. KREITZER’S / GERMAN / STOMACH BITTERS // DYSPEPSIA & C // 1536 N. 4TH ST. / PHILADELPHIA // LIVER COMPLAINT“. Looks very similar to the much more common Dr. Hoofland’s Bitters, perhaps this was an unsuccessful competitor. Very good condition, a few light scratches on one edge, light internal content haze. An amazingly lightweight (only 6 oz.), thin delicate bottle, a skilled glassblower made this one – a medicine this size usually weighs twice as much. Good crudeness with a funky light aqua color. A hard to find old Pennsylvania bitters! – ratzilla (100% Positive Feedback)

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

7 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 (5) 1/4
Rectangular, Aqua, LTC, 4 sp, Extremely rare
Example Dug in Northfield, N.J.

The Kreitzer’s and Gold Mining


Dr. M.C. Kreitzer secretly involved in gold mining. Gold Mining in Pennsylvania. – New York Times – April 25, 1883


Dr. M.C. Kreitzer graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in 1848-49. The is a portion of the catalog cover.

Dr. M. C. Kreitzer

he established himself in business as a druggist and physician

Dr. Michael C. Kreitzer was born on 14 November 1826 in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. His wife was named Mary and his father was from Germany. His death occurred on 24 September 1903 and he is buried in Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kreitzer was educated at Myerstown Academy and at Yale University. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College (as in Thomas Jefferson) in 1848-1849. The same year he established himself in business as a druggist and physician at 1536 North 4th Street (embossed on bottle), and continued in active practice at that address until his death. There is also a Harry C. Kreitzer living at the same address with Michael C. Kreitzer in 1891. A John A. Kreitzer graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in 1870-1871.

“On the Market Nearly 70 Years”

It looks like W.C. Power & Company was pushing the Kreitzer line at the same 1536 N. 4th Street address in 1912 stating “On the Market Nearly 70 Years” in advertising material. That pretty much confirms that Dr. Michael C. Kreitzer started selling his medicines upon graduation or sooner from Jefferson Medical College in 1848-49.

As far as Michael C. Kreitzer being involved in gold mining in Pennsylvania, who knows? That New York Times article in 1883 is sure interesting. You would think Kreitzer would keep moving up in life and closer to the city center. It is telling that he practiced at the same address his entire life in North Philadelphia.


283. “DR. M.C. KREITZERS / GERMAN / STOMACH BITTERS – LIVER COMPLAINT – DYSPEPSIA & C. – 1536 N. 4TH. ST. / PHILADELPHIA”, (Ring/Ham, K-79), Pennsylvania, ca 1880 – 1890, aqua, 7 5/8”h, smooth base, tooled lip. An area of light scratches and glass dullness is on a base corner. Extremely rare having no auction record! Larry Umbreit Collection. – Glass Works Auctions | Auction #124

Support Material


Dr. Michael C. Kreitzer practiced his entire medical career at 1536 N. 4th Street. Map is from 1896


1859 Philadelphia Directory listing for Dr. Michael C. Kreitzer, M.D., 1536 N. 4th Street


Both M.C. Kreitzer and H.C. Kreitzer listed as living on Franklin Street. – Boyd’s Blue Book: A Directory from Selected Streets of Philadelphia – 1891


“On the Market Nearly 70 Years” – List of Dr. Kreitzer products – Druggists Circular, Volume 62 – 1912

Dr. M.C. Kreitzer'sSalveAd

Dr. M.C. Kreitzer’s Celebrated Salve avertisement – The Pharmaceutical Era, Volume 45 – 1912


Dr. Michael C. Kreitzer Obituary – The Druggists’ Circular and Chemical Gazette, Volume 47 – 1903


Dr. Kreitzer Death Notice – American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record, Volume 43 – 1903



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