Morphine Copy Cat – Dr. Hobson’s Soothing Syrup

SoothingSyrupCropS O O T H I N G   S Y R U P S

PamMugBThank you for the interesting write up on the Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup. This is one of the things that first got me interested in bottle collecting.

With my background in nursing I found it interesting in what medicine was like in the 1800s and civil war era. Gone With the Wind has always been one of my favorite movies. The scene were they amputate limbs put shivers up my spine. I can not even imagine having this done on me without my favorite “gasman”(anesthesiologist). Shock and infection was a major source of death back then. Morphine was the answer to almost anything.


When she was ready to pull her hair out she would come over and look into my cabinet and ask what can I give her to quite her monsters down.

Back to The Soothing Syrup. After Mrs. Winslow’s there were many copy cats. I have collected and sold off several of them but have kept some of my favorites. I tend to keep the ones with contents and labels when I can find them. I have sent you a few pictures of my favorite Mrs. Winslow’s with about 1/2 full of contents, crude pontil and some nice patina. I have also included a copy cat of Dr. Hobsons Soothing Syrup that is full of contents and almost pristine label without a pontil.

A funny story I have to include is many years ago we had a family accross the street from us who had two wild children. When she was ready to pull her hair out she would come over and look into my cabinet and ask what can I give her to quite her monsters down. Back in the days I’m sure that not only did the children get a dose but the moms probably had a bottle for themselves!

Pam (Selenak)















Hello Ferd, Perhaps you can show these photos with the other great Mrs. Winslows of Pam’s. This one is not pontilled but almost was. I personally dug it in Virginia City, Montana and I am holding it up with the silhouette image of Reggie there. When I find cool bottles like this I keep them forever. One of these days I will dig a green, or maybe cobalt Kelly’s Old Cabin……Thanks…James (Campiglia)



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