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St. Louis Sodas - Adams Collection

[PRG] I received the following email this morning from Theo Adams

I was wondering if I could get my web page listed under the FOHBC links of Bottles & Glass General Sites. I would like to have it labeled as Theo Adams St Louis and Illinois Bottle Page. Here is the link
I hope you can do this for me and thank you in advance.
Theo Adams

After checking the link out, I asked Theo to send a few pics and info about himself which is noted and posted below. It is fun to see such specialized passion for glass. Way to go Theo. Please keep us up to date with any new additions and good luck.

Theo Adams

I have been a collector since I was about 13 or 14 yrs old and I am 45 now. I started off collecting hutch soda bottles from Illinois and also attempting to complete a fifty state capital hutch collection which cannot be done because there is not a hutch from each state capital so I moved on.

About 12 to 15 yrs ago or so I begun collecting St. Louis aqua and colored Soda’s, St Louis Ale’s, St Louis Ciders and Beers. I started collecting the St Louis stuff because a good friend Tom Feltman has been a St Louis Collector and digger for several years and he inspired me to do so after going to his house for several years and seeing his wonderful collection of St Louis Colored Soda’s. I bought my first colored St Louis soda from him.

I have been seeking each and every aqua and colored example common or rare to have every known variation. No one around has attempted to complete this before. I hope one day after I complete this maybe I can write a book on St Louis Bottles.

I also collect Blob Top Soda’s Ale’s, Bitters and Etc. from the Illinois side of the mighty Mississippi River from St Louis in the Madison and St Clair County cities for example Alton, Belleville, Darmstadt, East St Louis, Highland, O’Fallon, Venice, Madison, and Granite City for example.

I also have my wife Karie to thank for being a great supporter of my collecting. She has great patience with me chasing after every lead that I get on something.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,


St. Louis Mineral Waters - Adams Collection

St. Louis Sodas - Adams Collection

St. Louis Soda Waters - Adams Collection

St. Louis Ales, Ciders and Beers - Adams Collection

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  1. Mike Dolcini says:

    WOW!! Very impressive, Theo. Beautiful glass. I haven’t dug in St Louis since the late ’70s, but sure do remember some great times there. Wide open brick row houses.

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