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I have been following some interesting Stuarts whiskey bottle conversation via email that is now documented over at Western Glob Top Whiskies

[From western collector Bill Curtis]

Hello Bruce: I got a Stuart’s last week after looking at it I don’t believe it is made from the Cassin’s mold you can see the slugged out area on the Stuart’s fits the SHM but not the Cassin’s also the Cassin’s has a different bottom and the shoulders are different and if the Stuarts was made from the SHM that would explain the circle on the front of the Stuart’s let me know what you think maybe you can put this on your site.

[Bruce Silva]

Thanks for the great commentary on the C&I fifths and the relationship of the S.H.M. and the Stuarts moulds. I went back and reviewed a posting we had two years ago about the Wilmerding bottles …What a tangled web we weave. Many of the questions or theories that were raised have been answered/debunked. Good on you guys! That is one of the original goals of the site, to form ideas or theories, and to put them out for comment. Sometimes the comments or push back are meaningful and constructive, sometimes not so much. I’ve discovered that no matter how obscure of a little detail that I have noticed about a particular bottle, when it is finally spoken of… other collectors had noticed it as well. Some have even formed a theory as to why. When a few people start commenting on it, someone will try to find the answer. It’s human nature… answer the question, solve the problem, dig deeper and prove the prevailing consensus wrong.

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