Quandt Brewery – Troy, New York

You can not help but to notice the prevalence of Ricks Bottleroom on the bottle blogs. Rick (DeMarsh) is everywhere. While poking around and checking him out, I was astounded to find his web site and catch up on who he is and what he is doing in the bottle world. Obviously I am behind the curve here! Check his site out, RicksBottleroom.com.

On one of his Facebook Blogs he posted a picture of some of his green bottles. See Ricks Green Bottles.

I saw this green Quandt Brewing bottle from Rick and I immediately connected with the form, color, embossing, typography and base swirls. WOW!

From Rick’s web site…

Rare Quandt Brewing, swirl base ~ Troy~ j.e. danaher whiskey ~ albany

Here is a local and very hard to get Quandt Brewing in emerald green with the swirl base. These have made it on to the rare list and prices on them have soared, so I was super happy to end up with this perfect example for a good price too. Thanks to my friend Tod Cagle for spotting it before it got taken.

Adam and Andrew Quandt from Troy, New York. The family came from Germany in the 1850 era. Built and ran a brewery on River Street in Troy called Quandt Brewing Company. See my blobs page for pictures of 2 more Quandt variants including a & a Quandt. Their father’s name was Qilliam. Mother was Margaret.

Leo Kirchner Troy, NY 1859 – 1877
 Andrew & Adam Quandt, Troy, NY, 1877 – 1884
 Quandt Brewing Co., Troy, NY, 1884 – 1920 
Quandt Brewing Co., Inc. Troy, NY, 1933 – 1942

Quandt Brewing was in bankruptcy in 1941 and all fixtures etc. were auctioned off.

Quandt Brewing

Quandt Brewing - DeMarsh Collection

Quant Truck Postcard

Quandt Truck Postcard

Quandt Tray

Quandt Beer Tray

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