Drake’s Plantation Bitters Article Raises Serious Questions – Cecil Munsey, PhD

Drake’s Plantation Bitters Article Raises Serious Questions!

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FROM Cecil Munsey, PhD

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2 Responses to Drake’s Plantation Bitters Article Raises Serious Questions – Cecil Munsey, PhD

  1. Froggy says:

    Munsey’s draft has obvious inaccuracies noted in a quick “skim”. The CATAWBA WINE BITTERS is not attributed to P.H. Drake, but a Cincinnati, Oh company, Longworth & Grew, Ca. 1860-66. The earliest Bitters attributed to Drake is the BROWN & DRAKES/ CATAWBA BITTERS / BINGHAMPTON, N.Y., an extremely rare (3-4 known) amber, iron pontiled ladies leg. Further, the cobalt OLD HOMESTEAD cabin pictured is clearly NOT a Drakes and does NOT reside in the Ed Grey collection. It would seem Mr. Munsey has passion for pumping out many articles under his banner, but the passion and knowledge for and of the particular subject under consideration is absent.

  2. Warren Friedrich says:

    Munsey’s article on the Drakes Plantation Bitters bottle is amusing but sadly inaccurate in several ways. Besides the noted comments by Jeff Burkhardt, had Mr. Munsey taken the time to read about this bottle in the Ring/Ham Bitters Bottle book he could have given this article much more credibility.
    The earliest articles found on the Drakes Plantation Bitters precede Mr. Munsey’s by a year; two articles appearing in the San Francisco Alta California newspaper and the Sacramento Daily Union newspaper both contain advertisements on this product in the September 1862 issues.

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