Dr Grant’s Dandelion Bitters, New York.

Grants Dandelion Bitters

Dr Grants Dandelion Bitters – ABCR Auctions

Dr Grant’s Dandelion Bitters, New York.

20 June 2011 (R•020315)

Apple-Touch-IconAJust in from Down Under from Travis Dunn. This appears to be an unlisted bitters.

Hi Ferdinand,

We have a very interesting bottle coming up in the next auction in late July, early August. It is a tad on the bland side, but is exceptionally rare.

It is an aqua cabin bitters which is embossed around the four shoulders: Dr Grant’s, Dandelion Bitters, New York.

There are only two or three of these known to collectors. Although it has New York on it, this is much like the New York Hop Bitters in that it is actually an Australian piece. The Melbourne company of Shell & Zabel produced this bitters in the late 1800s, they were a very short lived company and so very few of these would have ever been made.

The same vendor was lucky enough to have found a superb American gothic pickle many years ago. We believe that this was from the West Willington Glassworks judging by the pattern? It has a deep ground pontil.

Another item that may be of interest to US collectors is an octagonal Bazin, Perfumer, Philadelphia pot lid.

We have a gallery preview of every lot that will be on offer in Auction 5 at: http://www.abcrauctions.com/images/august_2011_preview/images.php

Kind Regards,

Travis Dunn

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